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Cyso, the managed hosting provider you can trust for your online business and cloud applications.
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Cyso is your address for High Performance Hosting, Managed Services and Cloud Services. With us, you can focus on your core activities. We’ll ensure your services and applications perform optimally and are always available.

What is Managed Hosting at Cyso?

Choose outsourcing level

You choose what you want from us, how you’d like to work with us, and who will be responsible for management and orchestration of your solutions.

Select building blocks

We compose your solution out of the best technical building blocks. You benefit from the safest, fastest and most reliable technology for your online services and applications.

Cyso Service Management

We design your solution, plan and perform the implementation, manage your platform, transfer knowledge and continually improve and optimize the results.

You run your business. We’ll make sure everything works.

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We offer services and expertise for a high performance web shop that will guarantee the success of your online business.

E-Commerce Information


The OpenStack platform is the new, open future of the cloud. It’s the perfect alternative to expensive cloud hosting platforms and vendor lock-in.

OpenStack Information

DevOps Made Easy

Get the most out of your cloud platform. We’ll help you with automation and optimization of your virtual infrastructure.

DevOps Information

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