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A service, platform or application is never finished. Therefore, we always look for a way to optimize capacity, improve performance and further increase security.

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If you manage to improve the performance of your application, customer satisfaction increases and, correspondingly, the success of your business. And there’s another side effect: you save money. Because making your platform faster and more efficient also means that you need fewer resources.

To improve the performance of a platform or service, it’s vitally important that you have sufficient measurement data. It only makes sense to improve performance where the current bottlenecks are. Further accelerating the faster parts of your platform does not result in any net profit. That’s why it only makes sense to focus on the slower parts. Cyso can make a detailed examination and analysis of many different components.

Enkele voorbeelden:
  • Database and query performance
  • Read and write speed
  • Latency and response times
  • Application speed and processing time

We process all results and present them in an advisory report in which we suggest improvements and how to achieve them.



If the capacity of a platform does not reflect its use, this can have two effects. If there is a shortage in capacity, this leads to a loss of performance. If there’s too much, your platform unnecessarily costs a lot of money. It’s therefore important that the amount of available resources always corresponds to how much you really need. However, it’s not always easy to estimate and may vary significantly over time. So how do you solve this?

  • Enhancing scalability of a platform or application by examining the architecture and adjusting it where needed.
  • Increasing the flexibility of the platform and the individual components by making it easy to adjust to current needs.
  • Measuring different resources (such as disk space, CPU power and bandwidth) in order to be able to quickly intervene in case of possible arising problems.

Cyso analyzes the possibilities, advises about the right approach and can call upon a wide range of technology to achieve the desired results.


Preventing abuse and identifying vulnerabilities is easier if there’s enough awareness. At Cyso, security awareness in our blood and an integral part of everyday work. Our security and compliance team is always up to date about current developments and trends in the world of security, so that we can identify and respond to threats in time.

In addition to permanent awareness, it is also wise to specifically examine your existing security measures periodically. There are several different ways to examine particular aspects:

  • Evaluation and control of access lists, roles en responsabilities
  • Analyzing processes and procedures
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Security scans, audits or rapports (possibly in cooperation with a third party)

With the results coming out of these activities, improvements can then be drawn up tailored to your organization and systems. Based on the requirements and wishes you define concerning information security, risks are analyzed and possible measures selected. Besides procedural steps, our technical security solutions give you a comprehensive set of tools to use.


Cyso provides professional internet services that meet the needs of your organization and business. Want to know how? Just contact one of our consultants.

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