Looking for protection specific to your platform or application?

You want protection that is quickly deployable, easy to maintain, simple to customize, and scalable. That’s what you’ll get when you choose Cyso. Our Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) applications are specifically configured for your platform or application and can intervene immediately if anything suspicious occurs. They are fully customized by our DevOps engineers.

SIEM and WAF for every organization

Cyber Security

Applications at your fingertips

Expensive and complex to use? That’s no longer the case with WAF and SIEM solutions.

Cyso offers an easy-to-use solution that doesn’t require a time-consuming investment and can be easily managed and configured.

We lay the groundwork so you can get started quickly. Need additional help during use? Take advantage of our Professional Services.

Only relevant alerts

By aggregating alerts with our WAF, you won't have to spend unnecessary time on irrelevant alerts. This will give you extra time to focus on important matters, such as improving your platform or application.

Applicable to any cloud solution

Our WAF is flexible, scalable, and affordable for everyone. It can be applied to any solution and doesn't require high investments or operational costs.

Faster and more efficient

With Cyso SIEM, you can centrally collect logs, making it much easier to analyze security data and threats and take timely action. Correlations are quickly made, and blind spots are a thing of the past.

Improved compliance

Regulations are increasingly demanding when it comes to log information. Cyso's SIEM fulfills this role, making it easier for you to comply with auditing and compliance processes.

SIEM: detect and block misuse of your software immediately

With SIEM, you can collect and analyze activities across the entire IT infrastructure, such as security data from servers, network devices, and more. The data is centrally stored, the information is categorized, and analyses are applied to discover trends. This way, you can detect threats quickly, which enables you to investigate alerts promptly.

The benefits of SIEM:

  • Faster and more efficient SecOps through transparency in data and routes of a potential attacker
  • More accurate alerts against threats and correlations
  • No more blind spots due to improved visibility of all sources in your network
  • Compliance with the security compliance checklist
Cyso Mission Control

Immediate action against threats

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Custom protection for your application

WAF: AI-driven firewall, specifically for your application

A WAF provides additional protection, on top of a Managed Firewall, against general threats and vulnerabilities. With Cyso’s WAF, you protect your web application through custom policies specifically tailored to your application. This way, you precisely determine which traffic is harmful or safe. The WAF filters, monitors, and blocks malicious HTTP(S) traffic going to your application, preventing unauthorized data from leaving the application.

The benefits of WAF:

  • Protection against the OWASP top 10
  • No high investments or operational costs
  • Intelligent filtering of alerts with monthly reporting on current threats and GDPR compliance
  • 24/7 notifications with automatic categorization of threat levels
  • Quick and easy to configure and customize
  • Cloud-based and easily adaptable to a dynamic DevOps environment
  • Cloud-neutral, the application runs in any cloud

Getting started with Cyso's SIEM and WAF

We automate a WAF and/or SIEM solution based on your organization’s specific situation and collected log data. We do this in three different phases to provide the best possible solution and ensure maximum security:

Phase 1: After building the environment, the WAF and SIEM solution analyzes, stores, and correlates all data.

Phase 2: We begin analyzing the data. Who is trying to enter the environment and what are they trying to achieve? Are there any anomalies in the traffic? All of these logs are analyzed, but no automatic intervention is taken yet.

Phase 3: After making the logs visible, we configure the system to your specific situation and needs. After this, unnecessary traffic is automatically recognized and rejected.

Cyso’s SIEM and WAF ensure that a previously time-consuming task can now be completed in just a few minutes, and hundreds of logs do not have to be manually studied. Switch over now and enjoy the benefits!

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