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High-end platform with high availability, performance, and redundancy

If you’re looking for a cloud platform that isn’t located in the public cloud and where you don’t have to worry about downtime, our private Cyso Cloud is the solution for you. On our multi-redundant cloud infrastructure, both in terms of storage and compute, your servers will always be available. Even if there are hardware issues, those won’t impact you. You can always rely on high availability and no longer have to worry about IO/IOPS limits.

Go for high performance, 100% Dutch

Cloud Infrastructure

Complete assurance with Cyso Cloud

With Cyso Cloud’s infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about downtime and are always assured of reliable technology. Switch now and discover the benefits of Cyso Cloud: high availability and GDPR compliant.

Discover what Cyso Cloud can do for your business. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with the best advice that suits your situation.

Always high storage performance

Uncertainties about the amount and type of storage? With our VMware cloud platform, modern enterprise hardware for SAN storage, and compute nodes, you have exactly what you need: high-performance storage and modern CPUs, without having to duplicate everything at unnecessary costs.

Highly reliable infrastructure

Hardware sometimes fails. That's unavoidable. With Cyso Cloud, your business just keeps running without significant inconvenience. Additionally, we provide sufficient backup capacity for malfunctions or maintenance.

Customized capacity and performance

To achieve good I/O performance in the public cloud, you are often forced to incur high costs and take on more resources than you actually need. With Cyso, you only pay for what you actually need, and upgrading or downgrading is always possible.

GDPR compliant, multi-datacenter

Cyso Cloud is entirely Dutch, both as a hosting provider and a data center, so you comply with Dutch laws and regulations. Our data centers are also directly connected to each other via multiple dark fiber connections.

Discover the benefits of Cyso Cloud

If you use the Cyso Cloud, we can set up your platform on two physically separate data centers with the possibility of a failover, which prevents downtime due to local outages. Additionally, we provide off-site backups.

Thanks to our highly available VMware platform, your servers automatically move to another physical host during maintenance or outages, reducing or preventing infrastructure downtime. During peak usage on a physical host, servers are also automatically moved and distributed to less busy hosts to maintain performance. We also enable high performance through the use of modern CPUs with high clock speeds and SAN storage with NVMe disks. With Cyso, you get the best performance.

Cyso Professional Services

We always strive for the best performance

Get started with Cyso Cloud

We fully support you in transitioning to the Cyso Cloud in collaboration with your own technicians. Whether you want to migrate existing services or set up a new infrastructure, our specialized architects and engineers design and build a platform that meets your needs and requirements.

We meticulously execute your unique migration or implementation plan in collaboration with you, from the network to the infrastructure and your business data. When are we satisfied? When your application runs smoothly on our cloud. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that.

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