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For over 25 years, Cyso has been successfully working in the fields of networking, managed cloud, and cybersecurity. As a reliable IT partner, we work with a team of more than 60 professionals to provide IT solutions that are secure, stable, and innovative. We believe that IT is essential for successful organizations, and we offer advice, optimization, and execution in various industries, always striving for tailor-made solutions that fit the unique characteristics of each industry and the organization we work with.

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Cyso provides maximum support for software growth

For Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, their application is their service. To ensure customer satisfaction, it is essential that this software continues to work and is scalable based on the rapid growth curve of the organization. Cyso is committed to the professionalization of SaaS services in terms of reliability, performance, security, and compliance by offering a variety of high-quality services.

Organizations working with Cyso do not need to worry about their uptime, the quality of the platform, security, updates, patching, certification, and more. We lay a rock solid foundation and respond appropriately to incidents. This allows your own tech specialists to focus entirely on improving your services. With our own (private) Cloud and three data centers in Europe, we offer fully compliant hosting that meets European rules and regulations.

Furthermore, we believe in tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of SaaS organizations. We do not offer a standard product, but provide what is necessary at any given time. From quick fixes to future-proof solutions. With our experience in critical and complex technical environments, we are an extension of our customers, providing strategic advice and all necessary technical support.

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An optimally secured FinTech architecture is indispensable

Cyso has specific expertise in the FinTech industry, where we keep the core business of multiple FinTech companies in the Netherlands running smoothly. In all sectors, but especially in the financial sector, security and compliance are extremely important. This has everything to do with increased regulation, the need to be innovative, and at the same time, control costs. And all this against the backdrop of a competitive market full of new, flexible players. Our multi-certified security services offer your financial organization a way to stay ahead of the competition.

If security is not properly addressed, it can be fatal for a financial organization. Cyso always works according to the security-by-design principle. Security is an integral part of our approach and the architecture of your solution from the beginning. The availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your application and data always come first.

At Cyso, we are your trusted partner for delivering your business and product, whether it’s investment management, banking services, insurance, or any other FinTech. We do this securely and compliantly (with NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certification), always complying with Dutch and European legislation.

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Set up municipal information provision to be simpler, more flexible, and smarter

With the Common Ground initiative, municipalities aim to collectively improve their information services, providing a positive impact on their service delivery and business operations. And importantly, it aligns with various social developments, such as the transition to sustainability, healthcare, and law enforcement.

To comply with the Common Ground initiative, a different infrastructure is needed than a traditional one. For this, we offer our open standards-based, Haven Compliant Kubernetes platform, applicable to any desired cloud (Cyso Cloud, Private Cloud, or Public Cloud). We have the required knowledge and expertise in-house. This way, municipalities do not have to invest in expensive external professionals or training to acquire the right technical knowledge for building and maintaining a Kubernetes platform.

Cyso supports on every level: from the Common Ground roadmap at a strategic level to setting up, managing, and optimizing the platform. Thanks to our expertise, multidisciplinary engineer-to-engineer team, and experience with municipalities (such as the municipalities of Tilburg, Eindhoven, ‘s Hertogenbosch, and Breda), we have extensive knowledge of the (municipal) application landscape and are familiar with common problems. Through 24×7 monitoring, guidance & response, and direct communication with third parties, Cyso makes sure that everything keeps running smoothly.

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Custom network capabilities where security has the highest priority.

E-Health companies that deal with medical patient data and other critical data have strict requirements in terms of privacy and security (NEN 7510 and GDPR). In some cases, downtime can actually cost lives, making availability truly crucial. With our years of expertise, we strive to keep your E-Health technology up and running, while taking care of IT strategy monitoring, compliance, and a secure DevOps environment with anonymized data. We also take care of availability and updates of your infrastructure or platform.

In addition to complying with strict laws and regulations, Cyso can also provide for the exchange of data from Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) through the E-Zorg Network. From our network and data centers in the Netherlands, we facilitate private network connections. As a Dutch company falling under Dutch jurisdiction, you can count on the proper processing of sensitive medical data from your organization, with a focus on NEN 7510. By considering security from the beginning of the process, we avoid surprises. Additionally, we offer a wide range of tailor-made security products.

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Your online store accessible at all times.

For an e-commerce service, it is important to always be online to continue generating revenue. Downtime simply has financial consequences. At Cyso, we are well aware of this and make sure that your heavily visited web pages always run smoothly. We help you achieve the optimal digital customer experience. Fast load times ensure that your customers can order and pay without problems. With powerful, fast, and secure infrastructure, your customers benefit from an optimal experience of your e-commerce service.

By using our high-quality Cloud Infrastructure, we provide fast load times and high performance for your store environment, even during peak traffic. This also promotes the visibility of your website. By working in a scalable way, continuously monitoring the load, and taking proactive action, we help make sure that performance is always optimal.

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Customized IT solutions for the education industry.

If you work in or run a business in the education sector and are looking for a reliable IT partner, Cyso is here for you. We understand that digitization in education is increasing rapidly and puts pressure on modern IT solutions and infrastructure. The explosive increase in the number of endpoints (laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, and other peripherals) poses a challenge in terms of security and privacy. In addition, it is extremely important that online teaching materials are always available and accessible to students and teachers. The ‘standard’ ICT solutions are no longer always sufficient. With our years of experience with big names in the education sector, we at Cyso know the ins and outs of this specific field. In addition, we possess the know-how to secure relevant (personal) data and keep the technologies and software used online 24/7. We provide a robust and secure environment for your online educational applications.

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