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Together, we create the best cloud solution, because of the way we work

Our work method is focused on achieving the best cloud solution to support your business’s primary processes. Cyso and technology are intertwined. We are hosting; we have the knowledge, innovative capacity, and courage to create customized solutions that meet the highest standards of uptime, performance, and security.

When a standard solution is insufficient, we take the necessary steps to develop a reliable solution by working closely with you and your partners. We believe in security by design and can only deliver this by thoroughly understanding your business and objectives. Discover our work method and how we can help your business with IT.

To a future-proof cloud solution

To create the best solution, we follow these five steps with our work method:

  • Step 1: Design. We determine what the solution will look like during the design phase.
  • Step 2: Build. We build the described cloud solution during the build phase.
  • Step 3: Migrate. We assist with the installation and migration of your applications and data to get them live on your platform.
  • Step 4: Support & Maintain. We provide daily management for optimal uptime and performance, among other things.
  • Step 5: Innovate & Improve. We continually improve the environment to optimize it.

We are actively involved and work closely with you during all phases until we are both completely satisfied.

Cyso DevOps analyse en strategie

Five steps to online success

From a strong foundation to innovation

No business case is the same. Through technical intakes, conversations, and on-site meetings, we want to identify your wishes, requirements, and needs. Only then can we present and ultimately realize the best solution specific to your organization’s needs.

Our multidisciplinary DevOps team is composed so that we have the technical knowledge for any business case. For each case, we assign a dedicated Cyso contact person. They know your application and infrastructure like no other and can always provide optimal support when needed or desired. For each case, we assign a dedicated Cyso contact person who knows your application and infrastructure like no one else and can always provide optimal support if needed or desired.

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