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The Cyso Network: Open, Reliable, Independent, and Secure

At Cyso, we deliberately choose our own network and infrastructure to provide you with a platform you can always rely on. We are more than proud of our open architecture and independence in network areas, which offer you a reliarebble and secure foundation for your mission-critical applications and platforms. At every critical layer of your application or platform, from the network to the end-user, we provide the best service and support possible. Choosing Cyso means choosing trust.

Your application deserves the best infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Four concepts behind our network

Our principled choice for our own network, our network philosophy, and the resulting choices for our data centers and infrastructure are based on four basic concepts: open, reliable, independent, and secure. At every layer within our infrastructure, from global connectivity to the end-user, we provide services for our customers that emphasize these concepts.


The Cyso network has direct connections to international hubs and carriers. Additionally, our network is available for multi-cloud solutions, as well as for private cloud or colocation.


Choosing the Cyso network ensures reliability. Our network operates with top-notch switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPNs, and VLANs.


The quality of Cyso lies in our independence in network areas, which we achieve with our own carrier-neutral data centers in the Netherlands and Germany. This ensures a secure platform and a reliable foundation.


Through direct fiber connections, Cyso customers can realize multi-cloud solutions with their own dedicated connections and make connections to other networks. Additionally, we provide optimal protection against DDoS attacks.

Service you can rely on

At every layer of our infrastructure, from global connectivity to the end user of your application, we provide you with the tools to build your services.


We choose multiple international carriers, transits, and exchanges for optimal, independent global dispersion, and provide private cloud and public connectivity for secure multi-cloud applications.

Data center

We operate from independent, carrier-neutral data centers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, with our own RIPE IP space, routing, and fiber network, and with the best security measures at all locations.


Our infrastructure, on which your application is hosted, is fully redundant and consists of high-quality, reliable hardware for switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPNs, VLANs, and other applications. With our own Cyso Cloud, your servers and storage remain available – with the highest possible performance.

End User

Your applications and users benefit fully from everything our network and infrastructure have to offer, without having to invest in hardware themselves. We ensure optimal security, uptime, reliability, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions.

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