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Good security has never been this important. A layered approach that considers all aspects is a must, as standalone security components are no longer enough Our security services not only increase your online security but also make related processes more efficient and secure.

Thanks to 25 years of experience, we know what is important to each industry. We address vulnerabilities, act proactively, and provide a solution that not only monitors your infrastructure 24/7 but your application too. This way, we provide you with the tools for a powerful cybersecurity strategy you can rely on.

Managed Firewall

A good first step towards strong security is a well-configured firewall. By choosing Cyso’s Managed Firewall, we provide a fully customized firewall with the latest technology. We offer protection against the most current threats, applicable to any cloud. It can be managed 24/7 in your own portal, where you can see exactly what is happening in your environment, with daily support from our experts.

Cyso Managed Firewall

More than just a “standard” firewall”


Specific protection for your platform and application


Being able to monitor security at all components within your platform? Cyso’s Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) applications are specifically tailored to the operation of your application or platform. With our smart applications, you can easily review and follow up on all potential security issue notifications on a daily basis.

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Network Security

It’s not just your applications that are targeted by cybercriminals, but your network itself is also a popular victim. With our anti-DDoS and Anycast DNS services, we protect your data traffic and prevent downtime caused by overloading. This way, you can enjoy an integrated security strategy for your entire network, now and in the future.

Security en Compliance

Limit risks and opt for broad protection.

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