Mission Control

Cyso Mission Control

Hands-on support for your tech specialists

Are your specialists spending too much time putting out fires, leaving their actual work undone? Cyso’s Mission Control is the solution. We specialize in troubleshooting cloud, network, and security incidents and are available 24/7 as your “remote colleague”.

No worries about business continuity with Mission Control

Professional Services

Choose for a remote colleague

We provide availability, reliability, and data security so that your specialists can do what will advance your business: development and innovation.

Enjoy the benefits of Cyso’s Mission Control so that your specialists can focus on what they do best.

From strategy to execution

We believe in growing together. We help your specialists make technical and complex choices faster, so that the foundation is solid and innovation becomes easier.

Transparent, honest, and proactive communication

We are available for support 24/7. We monitor uptime and proactively ensure everything keeps running. We are also your personal fault service. We help you get started, and also help you move forward.

No worries about availability

Downtime, poor performance, or a security incident can be fatal to your business. We provide you and your customers with 24/7 monitoring and response.

Everyone focuses on their own expertise

We take care of daily and standard management and improving uptime and performance. Your specialists can focus on their own work.

Use our Security and Network Operations Center

With our Mission Control services, we ensure that your primary business activities remain available. Outsource management to our specialists and free your own specialists from operational management activities. Our Security and Network Operations Center works together with our DevOps On Demand specialists for the best results. At Cyso, we have all specialties under the same roof.

Which activities do we take care of for you?

  • 24×7 monitoring and active intervention in case of malfunctions (also at the application level)
  • Execution of disaster recovery (restore)
  • Support for already configured CI/CD, DevOps, and orchestration processes
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Implementing incident-driven changes
Cyso Professional Services

Your primary business activities are always available

Get started with Mission Control

For a fixed monthly price that scales with your cloud infrastructure and the size of your business, outsource your management and support to Cyso. To achieve the best results, we always combine Mission Control with our Cloud Operations services, where we focus on optimizing and maintaining your application landscape and platform.

Contact us to see what we can do for you. No obligations. We are happy to conduct a technical intake in advance to get a good understanding of your platform and application landscape. This approach enables us to offer tailored advice and deliver the highest quality service.

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