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Cyso Cloud Operations

The continuity of your platform as a basis

The daily management of a cloud environment is often pushed to the side due to other priorities or the hustle and bustle of the day. We understand this, but it is still crucial that it gets done. With Cyso’s Cloud Operations, we take care of all the management tasks. We are responsible for monitoring, updates, patching, backups, network, storage, and much more. We take care of the continuity of your platform, allowing you to focus on the fun stuff: developing your platform and your services further.

Spend time on what you're good at

Professional Services

We take care of management, you focus on development

Everyone wants to do what they’re good at, but it requires having the time for it. By using Cyso’s Cloud Operations, your platforms are always up to date with the latest security and stability updates. We provide 24/7 monitoring and capacity and performance response. Because you don’t have to worry about this anymore, you can spend all your time and attention on innovation and optimization.

Outsource the daily management of your cloud environment to our professionals and discover the benefits of Cyso’s CloudOps. One less thing to worry about!

Building from a solid foundation

That foundation is good management. By laying this foundation well, you can enjoy a well built house that remains standing for years to come. And it allows you to continue developing your cloud unperturbed.

Gain a competitive edge

No more downtime or management means faster deployment of new versions. This allows customers to benefit from the latest features of your service faster.

Always online

Both visitors and hackers are online and active 24/7, even while you're sleeping. By using standardized processes, we reduce the risk of downtime and the chances of misuse through exploits and backdoors.

Specialized knowledge at your fingertips

With our years of cloud, hosting, and network experience, we have a solution for every challenge. We provide continuity, disaster recovery, capacity management, and the right compliance for optimal results.

Less risks and lower costs

Our specialists do nothing but manage and optimize critical platforms on a daily basis. With our expertise and a careful process, downtime is prevented, and the speed of the application environment is improved. In addition, we perform capacity management, making sure that there are always enough resources available, and performance remains intact. In the event of incidents, we endeavor to make sure that your applications are back online as soon as possible.

Cost savings are a significant advantage of our CloudOps. Through capacity management, we manage supply and demand, with the goal of using system capacity as efficiently as possible, resulting in a significant reduction in costs. In addition, the entire price of CloudOps is based on a flexible fee that scales with your platform. You only pay for what you actually use.

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No downtime, at the lowest possible cost

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Cloud Operations

From monthly updates to incident response

Enjoy the benefits of Cyso's CloudOps

When you choose Cyso’s Cloud Operations, we perform the following tasks for you. Need extra support? That’s always possible. We’re happy to help.

  • We provide monthly updates of your servers within predefined maintenance windows to keep your systems safe and stable.
  • If there are software vulnerabilities, we identify and patch them quickly and responsibly.
  • We monitor your servers and applications from independent environments so we can intervene immediately if there are any issues.
  • We respond to incidents 24/7 with a 15-minute response time.
  • We monitor the backup process and execute disaster recovery to restore the environment as quickly as possible in case of serious calamities.
  • We monitor resources (capacity) and let you know in a timely manner if they need to be adjusted.
  • We provide monthly uptime and performance reports for your application.
  • Multi-cloud: public, private, or hybrid? Doesn’t matter!

Getting started with Cloud Operations

For a fixed monthly fee that scales with your cloud infrastructure and the size of your business, you can outsource your daily management to Cyso. Want to achieve the best possible results and have no more worries about day-to-day operations? Combine CloudOps with Mission Control, where we take care of troubleshooting cloud, network, and security incidents.

Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. We’ll start with an intake of your cloud platform, looking at the state of your systems. After transferring your the management of your systems, you’ll be assured of permanent high-level support.

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