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The oldest independent hosting provider in The Netherlands

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Who we are

Cyso is the oldest independent managed hosting provider in The Netherlands, where quality, service and technical expertise are top priority. We have our own network and cloud platforms, based on VMware and OpenStack.

What we do

Cyso helps organizations achieve success, by keeping their websites, business critical platforms and applications online 24×7. We deliver reliable and secure custom hosting solutions and management thereof since 1997.

Facts & figures

  • Established in 1997
  • Situated in Alkmaar
  • Part of the Cyso Group (Cyso, Fuga and SQR)
  • ISO 20000, ISO 27001, NEN 7510 certified
  • 50+ employees
  • 3 geographically separated data centers
  • Co-founder of the DHPA (Dutch Hosting Provider Association)
  • Certified and screened employees
  • High available, private fiber network
  • Worldwide connectivity through various tier1 network providers
  • Member of AMS-IX, NL-ix, NBIP, NLNOG, NaWas, RIPE and OpenStack Foundation
NEN 7510
Ripe member
VM Ware

Our core values

Cyso has a number of core values that form the bridge between the organization, her customers and her employees. These core values are embedded in our organization and represent what we stand for. They are reflected in everything we do and it is what our customers can expect from us.


Cyso stands for quality. We continually invest in the best (new) technologies and we use high-quality products to ensure the quality we desire for our services. We constantly trigger our employees to further develop themselves, so we can increase our knowledge and deliver the highest possible quality.


For us it’s important to be involved with our clients and their development, so we can continuously anticipate changes that might occur in their situation. This enables us to service our customers with perfectly fitting solutions. We express the same commitment to our employees, because we invest in a great deal in personal development and teambuilding. We believe that motivated employees deliver better work and, therefore, better results to our clients.


At Cyso, security and protection of your data and online platforms are highly valued. We are independent and do what we promise, because we believe that the relationship with our customers should be based on trust and honesty. Clients can rest assured that their online business will be safe with us.

Cyso through the years

  • Celebration of our 20th anniversary
  • Launch of subsidiary company SQR, for shared hosting services
  • Opening of our 2nd office in Alkmaar
  • We hired our 40th employee
  • ISO20000 and NEN7510 certification achieved
  • Launch of subsidiary company Fuga, the Dutch public OpenStack cloud
  • Refresh of our service levels for managed hosting
  • Large extension in data center Global Switch
  • Acquisition of AGN Business Hosting
  • ISO27001 certification achieved
  • Launch of our new website
  • Celebration of our 15th anniversary
  • Launch of Enterprise vCloud service
  • Launch of new services like Firewall as a Service and Anti-DDoS platform
  • Large extension of our cloud platform
  • Introduction of enterprise firewall and load balancing services
  • VMware cloud platform made redundant across 2 data centers
  • Large network update by commissioning of new enterprise routers and switches
  • Redistribution of the data centers to increase our efficiency and security
  • Opening of data center Equinix in Amsterdam
  • Launch of our VMware platform
  • Deployment of our own data suite in Global Switch
  • Cyso offers Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010 as first party in Europe
  • Relocation from two offices Alkmaar to one large office in the city center of Alkmaar
  • Celebration of our 10th anniversary
  • Opening of two new data centers in Amsterdam
  • Addition of a second office in Alkmaar
  • All office activities relocate from Amsterdam to Alkmaar
  • Cyso connects her network to a professional data center in Amsterdam
  • Cyso builds her own network that connects us with various international data suppliers
  • Cyso expands her office with an extra floor
  • Transition of network company to hosting company
  • Cyso is going to focus on market segment managed hosting
  • Opening of our 1st office in Amsterdam
  • Founding of Cyso by 3 students, Paul Bankert, Sven Visser and Tjebbe de Winter
  • Main activity network engineering and network development
  • Placement of the 1st server, Darkwing, in a data center

Our Management

Cyso was founded in 1997 by Paul Bankert, Sven Visser and Tjebbe de Winter. Would you like more information about the men at the helm?

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Our Team

We’re currently working with a staff of 40 passionate men and women to deliver the best hosting solutions to our customers each and every day.

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Working at Cyso

Cyso has an open and informal working environment where employees can continue to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

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