Driven by Improvement

We’re the leading Dutch provider of managed internet services, platforms and infrastructure for the corporate market. We provide custom solutions and management for complex, business critical platforms and applications. Our customer portfolio covers financial institutions, IT professionals, internet service providers, government agencies and software vendors. We believe strongly in working closely with our customers and partners to lift services to a higher level.

This is us

High performance, no-nonsense culture

We are highly driven critics; technological flexibility and innovation, combined with a streamlined organization, form the basis for our unique, high performance, no-nonsense culture.

Technology matters

We continually invest in knowledge, people and equipment. We use sophisticated technical systems for our customers to benefit from. State-of-the-art infrastructure diminishes concerns and increases our customers’ operational strength while creating unique solutions.

Your success is our success

We cooperate with our clients to build the best technological solutions in which the business objectives of our customers always come first. Our unique combination of stability and innovation ensures that customers profit optimally of the approach and solutions we provide.

Active since 1997 and hungry for more

We are a rapidly growing, independent and financially solid company that has been active in the internet market since 1997. Every day, thousands of customers grant us their trust, resulting in our excellent reputation regarding integrity, security and innovation.

Personal attention done right

We work hard, with passion and perseverance and can always be reached directly. Our technicians are always available on the phone; we try to avoid impersonal communication and are fair and straight in the way we work.

Sven Visser

Commercial Director

Paul Bankert

Financial Director

Tjebbe de Winter

Technical Director

Your Professional Partner


Open to open source

Since its very beginning, Cyso has used open source software and owes a large part of its success to the efforts of the open source community. An important part of our servers has been using open source software for years, making it an essential part of our business. In order to make a contribution to the community ourselves, we have released some of our internal projects under an open source license.



vsphere-client is a tool written in Java that allows you to manage vSphere datacenter objects.

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vcloud-client is a tool written in Java to manage objects in vCloud Director, using the vCloud API.

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DNSsnarf is a DNS statistics gatherer for use with any DNS daemon. It makes it possible to obtain a better understanding in the usage of a DNS system in order to allow for optimization.

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TonicDNS is an API based on the Tonic RESTful library that makes it possible to manage PowerDNS. It supports adding, editing and deleting DNS records, zones and templates.

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Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1997
  • Based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands
  • 2 data centers in Amsterdam (Equinix AM2 and Global Switch)
  • 1 data center in Willemstad, Curaçao (E-Commerce Park)
  • Solid, independent financial basis
  • VMware Enterprise Service Provider
  • 40+ employees
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • 2500+ customers
  • Co-founder DHPA

Cyso provides professional internet services that meet the needs of your organization and business. Want to know how? Just contact one of our consultants.

Quality. Committed. Honest.
  • 24/7 service support
  • Dutch data centers
  • ISO 27001 certified
ISO27001 ISO 27001
ISO 20000
NEN 7510
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vmware enterprise service provider