OpenStack project status September

OpenStack project status September

6 October 2014 by in OpenStack

On 19 September, the OpenStack Benelux Conference took place in Bussum, at which our CTO Tjebbe de Winter had been invited by Arista Networks to talk about our OpenStack implementation. The complete presentation can be seen on Youtube. If you’re curious about the way we’re designing our platform, be sure to have a look.

Since last month, we’ve made some important breakthroughs in our OpenStack implementation up to the point where the platform is almost stable enough for us to open the platform to others for testing. To prevent user frustration, we want to ensure that beta testers gain access to a test environment that might not be production-ready, but will be bug-free enough for most purposes.

Our DevOps team is working on most of the final requirements for this. They’re mostly networking issues, having to do with deployment of instances and networks and granting API access to end users.

Despite the short delay, we expect to open our restricted beta to start in the next few weeks, with the public beta following a short while later.

Some of last month’s technical highlights:

  • Improved performance of Ceph object storage
  • Automated deployment of OTA environments
  • Some structural changes to the use and handling of API’s
  • Python-based automation of administrative functions
  • Improved robustness of routing and gateways
  • High availability of services in case of disruptions

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