OpenStack Project Status November

OpenStack Project Status November

3 December 2014 by in OpenStack

Last month has been a busy and fruitful month. We last mentioned that our internal beta test had started and that our team visited the OpenStack Summit in Paris. For the first time, the twice-yearly OpenStack Summit took place in Europe and attracted about 6000 participants, making it the largest summit to date. It’s an indication of the momentum that OpenStack is currently experiencing. We were impressed by the amount of people that attended and the level of both professionalism and enthusiasm of the community. With many interesting presentations and insightful conversations with lots of people and parties involved, we can look back on a great week of OpenStack in Paris.

At the same time that several colleagues were attending the summit, the start of internal beta testing of our platform was announced and formally launched. Those colleagues that hadn’t been involved in the project thus far, were now invited (and encouraged) to try out the new platform, test its performance and find its weak spots. This has resulted in lots of useful feedback and data. Although the platform was brought to a grinding halt twice (by overloading networking and storage), it gave the team information crucial for developing the final, production-ready platform.

Last week, we paused testing for a few days in order to deploy the latest OpenStack release Juno on our production platform. Among many things, it provides improved high availability of (Layer 3) networking and now includes native IPv6 support. It’s all running stable now so that we can launch publicly on the latest version. We’re improving and securing the platform at the moment by SSL-encrypting all messaging systems, doing additional configurations for Ceilometer and fixing the issues encountered by our testers.


We’ve also done work on restyling the OpenStack Horizon dashboard. We’ve decided against reinventing the wheel by not trying to build our own control panel. Since we’re planning on updating our platform as new OpenStack releases are launched and don’t wanting to get stuck with outdated dashboard functionality, we’re not changing or rebuilding any functionality. We do want our service to be as user-friendly as possible and to have a unique look and feel. We’re solving this by packaging our own front-end modifications to Horizon. As new versions become available, we’ll only need to do minor updates to that.


We expect that, before Christmas, we’ll be ready to open the platform to the first external beta testers. However, due to this being the Holiday season, it might be delayed until the beginning of January. To keep up to date on the latest developments, check our website regularly or follow us on Twitter.

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