OpenStack project status January

OpenStack project status January

27 January 2015 by in OpenStack

It’s been a while since we last gave an update about our progress regarding OpenStack. We had hoped to be able to start the public beta before the end of 2014. Unfortunately, that turned out differently.

Last time, we mentioned that the platform had been upgraded to the Juno release. We had upgraded the existing platform from the previous (Icehouse) OpenStack release. In order to further test real disaster recovery, we performed a complete reinstall of the platform next. That, however, resulted in unexpected problems that turned out quite difficult to solve. They’re fixed now, but they’ve caused quite some delay.

That doesn’t mean that no progress has been made. The entire platform is now SSL-based, Ceilometer is fully operational as is the Heat orchestration tool. We’re also testing VPSaaS and LBaaS. The platform has once more been opened to testers and we fully expect the public beta to start within the next month. Please bear with us a little longer.

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