OpenStack project status August

OpenStack project status August

8 September 2014 by in OpenStack

A wrap-up of some of the things our OpenStack team has been up to in the past month.

Our OpenStack project team is currently working with a number of environments. We’ve got several testing platforms, for both administrators working on building the final product and internal users beta testing functionality and working on how-to’s and tutorials.

Our developers and administrators have been rigorously testing our (erasure coded) Ceph storage platforms, looking for the best way to configure everything for optimal performance results. Although our Ceph platform will be based on SSD infrastructure, we still want to ensure that the configuration of the software allows optimal utilization of the full performance potential.

Some other examples of what we’ve been working on include:

  • Failover and recovery mechanisms and live migration
  • Service automation using the (public) API
  • Streamlining installations with Puppet and Razor
  • Data collection and reporting (from Ceph) in Calamari

Our default test set of OS images that can be used has been expanded and now includes CentOS, Ubuntu, CoreOS, CirrOS and Windows 2012. Every image has a slightly different method to get them to work for the user, and our colleagues are preparing to write up clear instructions for all.

Last month also saw the first real work on the visual branding of the final product. We’re working on logos and icons for the service, the website and our supporting user community. For those curious, we’ve included some sketches below.

We’ve also opened up a sign-up possibility for public beta testing of the project. Currently we’re still in the internal test stage, but once we’ve declared the platform stable enough, we’ll contact those who’ve shown an interest.

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