OpenStack just went to eleven

OpenStack just went to eleven

8 May 2015 by in OpenStack

On 30 April, Kilo, the eleventh stable release of OpenStack was announced. During the design summit in Vancouver later this month, the roadmap for the next release (Liberty) will be determined. We’ll be attending as well. Here at Cyso, we’ve already started testing the update to Kilo. Our first tests have been successful and we plan to roll it out to our production environment very soon.

Full Kilo release notes:
Once we’ve upgraded to Kilo, we’ll also work on adding the following functionality to the Horizon dashboard as soon as possible:

  • Trove: Database as a Service functionality
  • Sahara: Data-intensive application clusters (Hadoop or Spark)

We’re still in our beta phase and we will soon invite and add more test accounts. Starting in June, we’ll also begin testing new components that are required for our final release. These include accounting and billing functionality and a more complete sign-up procedure. Everything will still, of course, be free to use during this period.

Raw usage data from our OpenStack platform (from Ceilometer) is constantly being collected in an ElasticSearch storage cluster. We’ve built a management interface (using Kibana) to be able to reference and analyze the data. We can access information, such as which type of image and configuration is most popular amongst our beta testers, how much use they’re seeing and which TCP/UDP ports are most frequently in use. It’s really helpful for analyzing the performance of the platform and discovering current bottlenecks.


To conclude: please give us more feedback! We could, of course, assume that the limited amount of feedback we’re getting means that everything works to everybody’s satisfaction. However, that’s almost certainly not the case. And if that is the case, we would still like to know. So send us your feedback; good or bad. Sign up for the user community, post questions there, submit bugs, leave feedback on existing tutorials, request new ones, or ask us anything you like. We’d really like to hear from you.

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