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Monitoring Services

A crucial part of delivering our Mission Control services is being able to increase the availability and performance of our clients’ applications. In order to ensure that, we provide monitoring systems and services for our customers. We monitor a large number of components and resources.

By using monitoring tools, we not only identify problems on your or our systems if these should occur, but we can also prevent future problems by analyzing trends, such as resource usage.

A few monitoring check examples

  • Availability and displayed content of a website
  • Expiry date of an SSL certificate
  • Duration and result of a database query
  • Amount of free (or used) disk space or storage capacity
  • CPU, I/O and memory usage
  • Result of a back-up process
  • Connections to transit providers
Jan-Sjoerd ter Haar, New business developer at Cyso

How do we keep your applications online?

Do you have specific questions about how we can ensure the availability and performance of your services with the aid of monitoring? Our account managers can tell you all about it.

Jan-Sjoerd ter Haar
New business developer
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Monitoring at different levels

Cyso monitors several different levels of the infrastucture, from the most crucial parts of our network (and in some cases even outside), to very specific components and applications. That way, we cover a wide spectrum, allowing us to easily lead back failures to the source of the problem in many cases (such as a website that does not work because there is a malfunction in a switch). A large part of the checks takes place every minute; for others it is sufficient to do this once a day (the daily check whether a back-up has been made successfully, for example).

  • Core Infrastructure

    The core of our network is monitored closely and meticulously. This includes our routers, core switches, fiber optic connections and data centers.

  • Cloud infrastructure

    All parts of our cloud platforms (including cloud servers, storage, load balancers and VPNs) are fully redundant. To maintain redundancy in case of potential problems, we check all components carefully and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

  • Customer Server Layer

    We don’t just check availability of cloud servers and client specific VPNs and load balancers, but also various components such as load and performance, disk usage and other issues that are important to the operation of your systems.

  • Customer Server Application Layer

    This layer relates to the operating system itself and specific services on systems such as the web server, database and server processes. It particularly concerns the availability and load.

  • Customer Application Layer

    Almost every customer can also benefit from monitoring tailored to their specific applications and services. Consider, for example, software written in-house, the content on a website or page, the result of a database query, the expiration of an SSL certificate or the availability of an API. These checks are always fully customized and are configured in direct consultation with you.

Monitoring checks and response

For each check, a value is defined that determines whether a check succeeds or fails. Sometimes this is simply whether or not a connection can be made, but many other checks are based on pre-defined values that determine its success (such as response time or the amount of available disk space). In many cases, we use two different values that indicate whether a warning pops up or a critical limit has been exceeded.

If a check fails, a notification is sent to our employees who then intervene 24×7 to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

All values measured are stored and provide information that allows us to identify trends and to carry out improvements or expansions. The data is also input for service consultations and evaluation of your SLA.

Scheduled maintenance

If you as a customer perform scheduled maintenance to your application or website, it can happen that monitoring checks go off as a result, while there is no need to intervene at that time. We therefore always align such maintenance in advance.

Direct access to monitoring

Monitoring and response are part of our Mission Control service, and ensure you don’t have to worry about your services being up. We of course inform you when incidents occur. You also have the option to be immediately notified (by email or SMS) if problems arise. Through our control panel, you can also gain direct insight into the state of monitoring and view charts of past periods.

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