The Cyso Method

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Cyso's method in 5 steps:

With our proven best practices, we make online applications more efficient, more productive, more adaptive and therefore more competitive. We make a (technical) translation of your requirements and goals into a future-proof cloud solution. Together we look for the best solutions for your business: services that put your business first and focus on uptime, security and maintaining an excellent level of collaboration.

1. Analysis

Your current platform will receive a thorough assessment. We link your business objectives, safety measures and best practices in the industry to answer with which technical implementation an optimal platform can be realized. Only with a good translation of your objectives, the desired functionality and future expectations can you start implementing a reliable cloud platform.


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2. Advice

You will receive an assessment report of the current status and an advice on which solutions are most efficient for your application and company. We help you make the right choices based on years of experience and extensive knowledge of cloud solutions and hosting infrastructure. Based on the assessment, we translate the results into a suitable design that best suits your application and the required level of safety.

3. Implementation

The platform will be set up or adapted to the previously made design. Our specialists, together with your DevOps team, will extensively test the new platform for functionality, resilience and performance, resulting in a platform that functions stable, safe and properly.


4. Migration

After the new environment has been deployed, a migration plan will be drawn up in collaboration with the parties involved. This plan determines how the migration takes place, which roll-back scenarios are set up and when they take effect. After the migration, the entire environment is retested for functionality and performance. Migration is complete when functionality and performance meet these requirements.

5. Manage

After the migration you can count on a well-functioning and secure IT environment. Via Cyso you are assured of permanent high-level support. Our IT experts are an extension of your organization. By outsourcing the support of your cloud platform, your focus stays on your company.

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