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Professional services for your organization

Organizations looking for more than just regular hosting services, but in search of professional environments for their online services, have come to the right place here. We provide professional business services with comprehensive and flexible technical capabilities, high availability and professional support.

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Business Webhosting

Flexible solutions for your corporate website or application.

We offer more than just storage, a database and a control panel to manage your website or application. The architecture of your website is almost never an issue; we provides environments for many programming languages​​, databases, application frameworks and content management systems. The amount of server resources and other components you need can be selected and adjusted to your needs. You do not have the burdens that come with an entire server, but you do benefit from many flexible options.

You can combine web hosting with many other services we offer so you can get the most out of your website or application. Think about performance optimization, reporting, additional security options, load balancing, security profiles and of course SSL security. We leave the choice up to you, but of course, we’re more than happy to recommend the best choices for your online business.


Corporate e-mail

Reliable and secure applications for your modern business communications.

In today’s business communication, an e-mail account is much more than the medium to send and receive e-mail. You also use your account to manage your calendars, collaborate with your colleagues directly, manage tasks and projects and as a business relations database. In short, it is a crucial and central communications channel for your entire organization. Our corporate SaaS e-mail solutions (based on Microsoft Exchange or Zimbra) are focused accordingly and can even be integrated with your own company authentication systems.

We understand that businesses depend on today’s e-mail solutions. If e-mail fails, people won’t be able to work productively. Our e-mail platforms are therefore built with fully redundant components to ensure the highest possible availability. Regardless of whether you’re reading your e-mail on your workstation in the office, at home on your couch, in the car or on a plane; you should always be able to access it.

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Domain management

Your online identity in the hands of experts

To manage your brand or company name on the internet, you can outsource the management of your complete domain portfolio to us. If you choose let us manage your domains, you can easily remain in control and keep track of all your domains, benefit from additional services to protect your brands and enjoy a single contact for all administrative and technical operations.

We take care of the registration of more than 150 different domain extensions, so you can manage your entire portfolio at a single provider. Our infrastructure ensures optimum availability of your domains and associated services.


SSL management

An SSL solution for every application

Encrypting data using SSL is an important way to increase security of your data. It prevents malicious individuals intercepting confidential data and tells the user that he or she really communicates with the intended party. SSL certificates can be used for many more applications than just websites.

Cyso provides professional internet services that meet the needs of your organization and business. Want to know how? Just contact one of our consultants.

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