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Everything you need for your cloud-based applications

With software specially designed for cloud platforms, it is possible to develop, deploy and manage your applications much faster and easier. Using Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology on Cyso cloud infrastructure, you can create solutions that both save time and labor, accelerate and simplify your business processes as well as increase control.

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Worry about your code, not the infrastructure.

As a developer, you want to focus on your applications and not on servers and infrastructure. Fortunately, using the right cloud technology you can do just that.

Depending on the technology used by your applications, you can use cloud frameworks and other technology to facilitate this. Platforms such as Cloud Foundry support a wide range of services and technology for your applications. Use the one that best suits you and enjoy maximum flexibility and ease of use in the development and implementation of your services.

Are you thinking about how to use cloud technology to accelerate and simplify the development of your cloud applications? Please contact our sales architects to discuss the possibilities.

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Continuous delivery of your applications in the cloud.

Using PaaS frameworks removes the need for you to worry about the underlying infrastructure and resources. But you can go even further and automate management of the software itself. By centralizing configuration and using software templates, and combining this with automation tools and central version control, you can manage your applications and environments more efficiently than you ever considered possible.

Of course, we’re not the ones who develop, test and use your applications, but we can give you extensively advise and assistance in applying configuration management and automating the processes involved. Our cloud is ready for your applications.


Safe and reliable outsourcing, from infrastructure to application

You can also let us manage more than just the infrastructure. If the software you use is not developed and maintained by you, we can take care of management and updates of your entire platform, including the application itself. We take care of and coordinate all processes having to do with testing and acceptance and perform updates on your production environment (perhaps in conjunction with a supplier or developer). Of course, all relevant procedures are always clearly defined and described.

Every application has specific areas where extra care should be taken. All updates to your applications are thoroughly tested in advance and checked for stability, security and performance. If there is a possible impact on the operation and functionality of your services, we ensure that this is resolved in advance to avoid problems. Scheduling maintenance of applications is always done in close consultation to avoid unexpected downtime.

Some examples of applications and platforms for which we can perform outsourcing of management:

Are you looking for a reliable partner that can take over the responsibility for your applications? You just found her.

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