Managed Firewall

Protect your platforms, systems and applications against abuse.

A firewall is an integral part of the security of every hosting solution. Firewalls protect both the network and platform as a whole, but can also serve as custom protection for your application. Cyso supplies and manages firewalls that are equipped with the latest technology in order to function optimally against even the most recent threats.

Choose outsourcing of your firewall management

Cybercriminals pose a continuous threat to the security and continuity of online services. With increasingly creative ways they try to find and exploit vulnerabilities. With a firewall you protect yourself against these threats.

Managing a firewall requires time and specialized knowledge that not everyone has available in-house. A wrong change or configuration error can even cause the application or even the entire platform to become unreachable, resulting in loss of sales and damage to your reputation. So let your firewall be managed by professionals and choose Cyso’s managed firewall services.

  • Protect your application and data
  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Part of a good security policy
  • Protection aginst OWASP top 10
  • Protection aginst zero-day exploits

The benefits of Managed Firewall

Cyso provides firewall management for every cloud platform: public, private or multi-cloud. Whether it concerns general protection of servers in the platform at the network level or specific access for applications and users, we provide a solution that fits your business.

Managed firewall in any cloud

In addition to firewall applications in our own cloud platforms, we also manage firewalls and security groups in public cloud environments.

Advanced security features

With Unified Threat Management (UTM), your platform also includes features such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filtering and Intrusion Prevention & Detection.

Secure connectivity

Secure your external connections and digital transactions through the use of VPNs, SSL and IPsec capabilities.

Future-proof, up-to-date protection

Through real-time updates of the firewall, your environment is always protected against the most current threats.

Real-time insight

Through an online portal, you have direct insight into current traffic and access to various reporting options.

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