Pentesting & vulnerability management

Continuously detect vulnerabilities, assess risks, and prioritize alerts across your infrastructure.


To make and keep your network and applications safe, it is important to monitor them continuously. With continuous and automated pentests, you ensure that you are quickly aware of new vulnerabilities so that you can act on them. You also meet compliance requirements and are well prepared for audits. Cyso’s continuous pentesting & vulnerability management service is a cost-effective way to stay secure and in control, no matter where your platform is and whatever it looks like.

Stay in control with continuous scanning

By continuously pentesting your environment, you keep it manageable. You immediately see where changes have occurred and can focus on that. In addition, you become more aware of new vulnerabilities or human errors that you can immediately fix. This not only helps in terms of managing the risks, but also in time. Checking a few reports weekly or monthly is easier than occasionally mitigating a large number of risks. Not to mention the risks you ran during that time...


Reduce the likelihood and consequences of possible exploits by detecting risks in a timely manner.


How high is the risk and possible impact? Prioritize the results from your scans.

Improve your defenses

By staying aware of the risks, you strengthen your cyber defense.

Extended coverage with continuous scanning

  • Blind spots
    Gain direct insights into your network and systems

  • Outdated systems
    Find vulnerabilities in legacy systems and software

  • Weak passowrds
    Find weak passwords

  • Misconfigurations
    Find insecure configurations in systems, software and networks

  • Sensitive data
    Find exposed data such as source code and personal information

  • Malware
    Find malware based on system behavior

Vulnerability Management Process

Scan your system and network

Automatically and continuously scanning your systems and networks allows you to quickly find new vulnerabilities, risks and your blind spots.

Automated pentesting combined with vulnerability management creates a systematic and proactive cyber defense. You get a detailed view of the vulnerabilities in your systems.

  • Real time monitoring
    Receive notifications instantly when new vulnerabilities are found and when changes in the network occur.

  • Planning scans
    Daily, weekly or monthly? You can schedule your scans and have them automatically run in the background.

  • Cloud and platform independent
    Public or private cloud, IoT, containers or something else? You can pentest any environment.


Scan your web applications

Many attacks happen at the application layer. The web application scanner detects vulnerabilities of the OWASP top 10, bad code, incorrect settings, weak passwords and open system information or personal data – in various types of applications.

Unlimited scanning

For a fixed fee per month you can scan your website or web application. You do not pay per scan and you can perform unlimited tests of your platform.

Vulnerability management

Easily and efficiently discover, assess, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities. In your security center you get a clear overview of all observations in a user-friendly way, which you can report on and manage the risks.

Comprehensive insight through the dashboard and reports

In the dashboard you can find the results of the scans and reports where vulnerabilities were found and how you can mitigate them. You can easily share these reports with your most important stakeholders or use them for compliancy purposes.

  • Schedule scans
  • Automated reports
Vulnerability Center

How to start with continuous pentesting and vulnerability management?

Has your interest been piqued and would you like to improve your security policy? We are happy to provide you with a proof of concept for your IT environment. Do you have a specific part that you would like to have tested? You can!


Together we determine the scope of this first test so that you get a good idea of what is possible.


Enthusiastic about the results? Then we'll help you get started with the platform and settings. Details of where and when you want to scan, how often, how strong and how far the scan is allowed to go. We'll set it up with you.


We will discuss the outcomes of the first scan with you. How should you interpret the results? What steps can you take? We'll help you get started.


Now that you're ready, you can scan as often as you want! If you have any questions, we're always here for you.

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