Cyber Security

Your online services and platforms secure with cyber security from Cyso.

How can we secure your online services and platforms?

Cyber security for your online services

Prevent cyber attacks: keep your online services safe with cyber security from Cyso. Does your online service need to be available 24x7? Have a proper follow up on incidents with cyber security monitoring? Then Cyso is the right place for professional advice on your cyber risks and improving your cyber defense.

Customized security for your applications

Identifying and blocking unauthorized access before it enters your corporate network is no easy task. Attacks that specifically target your application and data are difficult to detect and counter. While developers go home after a day's work, hackers are working day and night to look for weaknesses in the security of platforms and applications. We offer various solutions for the right protection of your application and systems.

Security of your network

Not only are your applications a target for cyber criminals, your network itself is also a popular victim. From shutting down your website by using DDoS attacks to breaking into network traffic; it can do a lot of damage. We protect you against network overload with anti-DDoS services and Anycast DNS. We protect the attack surface of your platform by using encryption and VPNs or using SD-WAN technology for an integrated security strategy for your entire network.

Continuous security reporting

To make and keep your network and applications safe, it is important to monitor them continuously. Continuous and automated pen tests ensure that you are quickly aware of new vulnerabilities so that you can act on them. You also meet compliance requirements and are well prepared for audits. Cyso’s continuous pentesting & vulnerability management service keeps you safe and in control.

Continuous pentesting & vulnerability management
netwerk security
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How does cyber security work at cyso?



Our security experts take a close look at your platform and identify weak spots.



Based on our findings, we offer advice and an implementation plan to improve the existing environment.



We implement the proposed changes to increase the security of your platform.



After the improvements have been implemented, we monitor the new environment and keep it up-to-date and secure.

Benifit from cyber securty

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Why Cyber Security at Cyso?

With more than 50 people and more than 23 years of experience, we work daily on IT solutions for our customers. Solutions that are safe, stable and innovative. We think IT is super cool and we are convinced that it is essential for successful organizations.

  • 23 years of experience and know-how: countless organizations have given us their confidence to manage their cloud environments.
  • The convenience of outsourcing with 24×7 availability from Cyso.
  • We have 2 data centers in Amsterdam for maximum accessibility and speed.
  • ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

Cyber security combined with our professional services

Do you use our professional services Cloud Operations and Mission Control? Then we take care of the basic security hygiene and you can use our technical security solutions. They help you take the security of your services to a higher level.

With DevOps on Demand, we provide a thorough analysis in order to provide the best solution for your business case.

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