Cyber Security

Complete, all-round security

Systems, applications and services on the internet are constantly threatened by criminals who want to abuse them. Security incidents are a major risk with potentially serious consequences. Our managed services increase the safety of your services through vbarilous security services. We also offer various tools to further protect you against threats.

DDoS protection

Availability when you’re under attack

Unfortunately, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a fact of life. More and more organizations have to deal with them, sometimes on a daily basis. To be able to mitigate them successfully, regular network equipment is often not good enough. The use of specialist equipment is therefore indispensable.

Our Anti-DDoS service provides real-time security for your hosting and cloud-based applications against direct and indirect DDoS attacks. As part of Cyso’s managed security services, we provide a DDoS mitigation service that can automatically mitigate attacks based on Intrusion Detection behavior.

Important benefits are:

  • Network and application downtime is minimal
  • Malicious bot traffic will be dropped
  • DDoS mitigation starts automatically within 30 seconds
  • Always an up-to-date solution
  • PAn anti-DDoS solution available instantly
  • No high investment required to protect against DDoS attacks

Enterprise Loadbalancing

The most intelligent solution for your applications

Naturally, having lots of visitors is good for your business, but the resulting load can also adversely affect the performance and availability of your application. That’s obviously something you want to prevent. We can help you avoid possible overload and failures in your platform by using intelligent load balancing and content delivery solutions specifically tailored to your applications and services.

Some examples:

  • Distribution of connections based on capacity available
  • Smart distribution of incoming connections
  • Automatic detection of failures and overload
  • Limiting the number of connections per server/application
  • Caching of content on the load balancer

Managed Firewall

Prevent abuse by malicious individuals

A firewall is an integral part of the security of every hosting solution. Firewalls protect both the network and platform as a whole, but can also serve as custom protection for your application. Cyso supplies and manages firewalls that are equipped with the latest technology in order to function optimally against even the most recent threats.


With a firewall you protect your platform against attacks by blocking unwanted network traffic. We provide various managed firewall solutions that include the following functions:

Application firewalling

Our managed firewall services not only protect at the network level, but also offer specific security for your applications.

Advanced security features

With Unified Threat Management (UTM), your platform also includes features such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filtering and Intrusion Prevention & Detection.

Secure access through a VPN

Prevent your systems from being open to the whole world and use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for your own employees.

Improved identification with two-factor authentication

Gain even more control over who gets access to your systems and applications by adding additional checks to determine the identity of the user.

More information on our managed firewall page

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