Mission Control

Benefit from the expertise of Mission Control Center: Cyso's security and network operations center. We specialize in troubleshooting cloud, network and security incidents and are available night and day.


Do your engineers spend more time solving problems? Do your developers and engineers receive a wake-up call at night and are they unable to focus on their core activities during the day? Do they spend too much time fixing problems? Does this cause frustration and hinder innovation? Do you want to avoid having to hire extra staff for technical support and your own breakdown service? Then choose Mission Control from Cyso.

mission control - troubleshooting cloud, network and security incidents

Cyso specializes in troubleshooting cloud, network and security incidents

The engineers of our Mission Control Center are available day and night to intervene and support you if necessary. We ensure that your applications remain available and disruptions and incidents are resolved in accordance with tightly structured processes, clear agreements and monitoring (also at application level). We are very fanatic and focused on fast response and resolution times. If you combine Mission Control with our Cloud Operations service, this will be clearly described in your Service Level Agreement.

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Support for your IT questions and processes

We not only intervene if something goes wrong, but are also available to answer all your technical questions and provide procedural support for cooperation with third parties. You will immediately get to speak to an engineer when you call. We have a multidisciplinary team to answer a wide variety of requests quickly and properly. From first-line engineers to third-line specialists, everyone wants to help you as quickly as possible and really help you along.

We work the way you want

Mission Control is not the same for everyone, but we adapt it to your wishes and needs. For example, if you work with external developers, we ensure that they are also directly involved in the process and we cooperate with them directly. If you have specific requirements for handling monitoring and notifications, we will discuss who will receive and handle them. We organize our support in such a way that it matches your DevOps processes. Mission Control from Cyso works the way you want it to work, not the other way around.

You can use us for environments on OpenStack, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and in consultation also for other cloud environments. In addition, we have our own infrastructure in data centers in Amsterdam./p>

mission control - multidisciplinary support
mission control - multidisciplinary support

Multidisciplinary support for your organization

The people of our Mission Control Center are available 24×7 to intervene if problems arise in your platform. We do more than just monitor the availability and performance of your systems and applications, but also act as a Network & Security Operations Center. We monitor the entire infrastructure and network of your environment and carry out checks to increase the security of your services. We provide various services to further expand this if more customization is desired.

With Mission Control, you expand your DevOps team with our "first line of defense" and you are free to do your own work.

No surprises, scales with your business

Mission Control is available for a fixed price per month. We do not confront you with unexpected bills afterwards for the incidents and questions that we handle for you. The monthly costs scale with your cloud infrastructure and the size of your business.

Who is Mission Control for?

Mission Control is for every organization that wants to outsource IT management and support, from small to large.

What are the benefits of Mission Control?

  • You ensure that your developers can focus on their own work and not keep the application up and running.
  • You do not have to provide a 24 × 7 breakdown service yourself.
  • You save money on personnel costs because you do not have to employ fewer or no expensive technical people.
  • If you use third parties for your services, we will contact them directly for optimal efficiency.
  • You have one central point of contact and source of information for your multi-cloud environment.

The people of our Mission Control Center are ready for you. Night and day.

Cyso Mission Control benefits
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Are you looking for 24x7 support for your systems and processes? If so, just contact us directly. To be able to do a technical intake of your environment, we ask you to grant us access to your platform. Mission Control is always combined with our Cloud Operations service. With Cloud Operations we manage your environment, we take care of the daily maintenance and we ensure that it is always available. With Mission Control Center, we are always at your disposal for all your questions regarding your environment. Perhaps you have a specific, different question and would you like to discuss it with us? Our account managers are happy to talk to you.

Benefit from Mission Control

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Why Cyso?

Why Mission Control from Cyso?

With more than 50 people and more than 23 years of experience, we work daily on IT solutions for our customers. Solutions that are safe, stable and innovative. We think IT is super cool and we are convinced that it is essential for successful organizations.

  • 23 years of experience and know-how: countless other organizations have given us their confidence to manage their cloud environments.
  • The convenience of outsourcing with 24×7 availability from Cyso.
  • We have 2 data centers in Amsterdam for maximum accessibility and speed.
  • ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Mission Control and Professional Services

Mission Control is part of our professional services portfolio and interacts directly with Cloud Operations because it involves the same infrastructure. For one-off, project-based activities that fall outside the scope of both services, you can contact us for DevOps on Demand.

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