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Outsourced Hosting

  • Everything from Managed Hosting
  • Everything from Mission Critical Hosting
  • Outsourcing of your IT infrastructure
  • Fully customized
  • Long term IT strategy
  • Continuous improvement
  • Lifecycle management
  • Direct contact with third parties

What is Outsourced Hosting?

In our most extensive service level, Outsourced Hosting, our services are fully customized and we can even take over your IT processes. We aim for a long-term IT strategy and continuous improvement of your online business.

If you opt for Outsourced Hosting, you have very specific hosting needs. It may mean you choose to outsource all your hosting-related business to us. It can also mean that you have very specific demands for just certain aspects of your IT. You ask, we deliver. We deliver fully customized service; you trust that our knowledge and experience will make your online business a success. Communication is direct; your senior management is in direct contact with our account team, consisting of different specializations. If necessary, we’ll work directly with third parties, such as the developer of your application or website.

We take care of the technology and operational work, and realize continuous optimization. We also follow relevant technological market developments in order to anticipate changes which can further increase your online success. We anticipate trends and potential threats, and ensure that both the technical solution as well as your organization is continuously reviewed regarding security.

Does Outsourced Hosting fit your profile?

Outsourced Hosting is an ideal fit for organizations with very specific hosting demands. This may be the result of a choice to fully outsource all technology or certain parts of it. It can also be the result of special requirements resulting from regulation or other circumstances. This means the scope may vary from complete outsourcing of all your IT, to highly specialized service and complex support. Clients who choose Outsourced Hosting, choose a great deal of service, complete customization and our long-term vision on the development of your online business.

Jochem Braaksma,  at Cyso

Would you like more information?

Do you want to find out what we can mean for your business? Just contact one of our account managers for a non-binding consult and a customized offer.

Jochem Braaksma
Business development manager
+31 72 751 3400 sales@cyso.com

You focus on your business, we’ll ensure your technology works perfectly.

Service Level (SLA)

  • Eventmonitoring
  • Access to emergency service
  • Minimum SLA uptime
  • Contact points for communication
  • Scope of Service Management
  • Operational focus
  • Process focus and reporting
  • Recommended contract period
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Resolution times
  • Maintenance window

Managed Hosting

  • 24×7
  • 24×7
  • ≥ 99,5%
  • Service Desk
  • Access management, incident and problem management
  • Uptime and availability
  • Standardized procedures
  • From 12 months
  • Fixed SLA uptime guarantees
  • Fixed resolution times
  • Fixed maintenance window

Mission Critical Hosting

  • 24×7
  • 24×7
  • ≥ 99,9%
  • Account Manager
  • Change management, release-deployment management
  • Performance and Security
  • Customized standardization
  • From 24 months
  • Variable SLA uptime guarantees
  • Fixed resolution times
  • Flexible maintenance windows

Outsourced Hosting

  • 24×7
  • 24×7
  • ≥ 99,95%
  • Account Team
  • Lifecycle management, continuous improvement
  • Knowledge and improvement
  • Fully customized
  • From 36 months
  • Custom SLA uptime guarantees
  • Custom resolution times
  • Custom maintenance windows

Would you like to take more responsibility?

With Managed Hosting or Mission Critical Hosting, we offer support for many different aspects of your online business.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting focuses on the availability of your online services and applications. We take care of daily operations and increase the continuity of your platforms and systems.

Managed Hosting

Mission Critical Hosting

This service level expands our service with deployment and implementation of major updates to your platform and systems. We also help you to increase your performance and security.

Mission Critical Hosting

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