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DevOps made easy

How can we help you survive the new digital age?
DevOps Made Easy

Using cloud resources for platforms and applications has become commonplace over the last several years. The vast majority of companies has acknowledged the benefits and has moved its operations into the cloud. However, many additional benefits are seldom used. We can help you automate extensively and benefit optimally from your cloud environment.

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“My developers are working on servers instead of code.”

Instead of programming your applications, your developers are spending an unnecessary amount of time configuring and maintaining your systems.

“We can’t get a grip on the performance of the application.”

While you can scale flexibly and dynamically using your cloud platform, it’s getting harder at the same time to measure bottlenecks and impact on performance.

“We can do everything ourselves, but it’s not our core business.”

Although you may have the technical knowledge required, you’d rather outsource things to a third party, giving you the opportunity to focus on your core activities.

“We’re growing fast, but are reinventing the wheel far too often.”

As a result of an influx of new employees and strong growth of your platform and application, it’s often difficult to guide this process in an organized way and allow everyone to work effectively.

Our technical consultants are happy to offer advice on how to optimize your cloud platform. Would you like to know how? We're here to answer your questions.



We provide automated deployment and updates of systems using configuration management tools such as Chef and Puppet.

Nick, Software Architect


By testing and measuring your API’s, we can find the bottlenecks in your platform and application and optimize your services.

Thomas, Sales & Solutions Architect

Service orchestration

By developing templates of your application structure, new environments can be deployed automatically and in a highly structured way.

Yuri, System & Component Architect


We provide secured development environments for your employees, allowing them to work on your applications freely and independently.

Arnoud, DevOps Engineer

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Cloud infra

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