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To achieve a successful implementation and deployment of a hosting solution, building, testing, implementation, acceptance and transfer to production needs to be done in an organized and careful manner. On the basis of a clear and solid plan, we set all timelines and milestones and configure your systems.

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Stability, security and manageability.

Before a platform can be put into production and data be migrated, it must, of course, be built first. The infrastructure needs to be set up; servers must be created and configured. To allow as efficient management as possible, we use standardised software that has been extensively tested for reliability, stability and security wherever possible.

While building, we take into account all the requirements as written in technical and functional design including:

When these and other tasks have been completed, we can start with the actual configuration, staging and migration of data.



100% assurance before going live.

Before a new platform or application is put into production, several things need be have been carefully prepared in advance. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is crucial that everything works, performs well and has been tested and checked before going live.


Everything clearly documented: that’s reassuring.

To remain in control of your platform, describing it is of great importance. If documentation is missing, there is no solid basis for proper management and maintenance. Only when everything is described completely and correctly, a platform can be deployed and passed over to production. We ensure this process is completed fully to realize a safe transition to live.


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