Managed Public Cloud

Maximum performance and security, manageable costs, responsible growth within the public cloud of your choice: we make it possible with Cyso Managed Public Cloud.

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Are you already using a public cloud or do you want to make the transition to it? To us, that doesn't matter. Whether it is AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Fuga Cloud: at Cyso we help you with persona and expert advise to get the best out of your public cloud environment so that your business can grow responsibly.

Why Cyso?

Realizing a virtual platform within public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Fuga Cloud is popular and has extensive variations when it comes to performance, security and compliance.

However, being able to keep an overview, keeping costs under control, keeping knowledge up to date and being able to use all features to its maximum within the abundance of (technical) options, that is a challenge for many companies. Cyso is happy to help you with that.

That’s why: Cyso

We provide you with a platform and cost indication, give recommendations on how things can be done (differently), help with a new network architecture and we keep an eye on things 24×7.

With us, the customer does not have to be a cloud expert, because we continuously invest in knowledge, we follow the latest trends and developments and we share these with you. You can also contact us with questions. That way you can focus on your business and grow it in a responsible way.

Benefits at a glance

Available 24x7

We monitor the uptime of your online applications 24x7 and take responsibility for availability, reliability and data security.

Costs under control

No more unexpected growth in costs, because we clearly identify them in advance. Before we do adjustments, we will consult you first and only get started after you have given permission.


We are ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and NEN7510 certified and work according to the standards contained therein.

Fast response

The faster you are helped, the less risk of disruption to organizational processes and organizational continuity. Follow-up of issues and questions takes place within 15 minutes.

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Shopping Minds

Shopping Minds

Herman Holterman, Director IT & Operations

Our server farm runs in the Google Cloud, because this offers the flexibility and scalability that we are looking for. We rely on Cyso for professional management and personal support.


Web Services

  • The world's largest public cloud

  • Very large ecosystem

  • Multiple regions and availability zones

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  • Trusted Microsoft technology in the cloud

  • Friendly management with web interface

  • Integration with Microsoft products and licences

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