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Hosted Zimbra


up to 20 GB

Secure e-mail

from € 2,75

Safety and confidentiality first

Open and robust

Built on open standards, for widespread support and maximum reliability.

Secure communication with TLS

Your email data encrypted always; from sender to recipient; in transit and in storage.

Privacy with PGP and S/MIME

Encryption and e-mail signing guarantees even higher security and privacy.

Why Zimbra at Cyso

Zimbra is a complete suite for corporate communication and collaboration, which encompasses email, calendaring, contacts, tasks and files. If you’re looking for a safe solution for your business communications, you know by now that it’s better to avoid providers based in the US. Under the guise of security, the government makes blatant infringements on your privacy. Our Zimbra services are hosted in The Netherlands. With Cyso, your business data is safe and you benefit from personal attention and support.


  • You’re in business with a Dutch company
  • Your data is hosted in Dutch data centers
  • You’re protected by Dutch privacy and data retention laws
  • We have 20 years of experience with business email solutions
  • Cyso is ISO 127001 certified for information security
  • We have a professional team that takes security and updates very seriously
  • No third party access to your data
  • High available platform for maximum availability and reliability

Extensive security features

Prevent unauthorized access to your email and data. Cyso’s Zimbra platform is protected everywhere with SSL. By signing and encryption using S/MIME or PGP keys, you further increase the security of your email communications. With Zimbra, you profit from a safe and robust business e-mail solution.

Who preceded you

Our Zimbra services lend themselves particularly to companies to high security standards and open source are of paramount importance. Since 2005, tens of millions of users already benefit from a Zimbra solution. Among others, the following organizations benefit from our Zimbra services.

  • Bits of freedom
  • ViaDesk
  • IBood
  • Little Chicken Game Company

How can I order?

If you’re interested in our Zimbra services, we’re happy to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

  +31 (0)72 7513400

zimbra sales

Contact us

Sales & Account Manager

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Benefits and Features

Optimal security

Encryption and extra privacy at every technical aspect.

  • Use email certificates and S/MIME for safe sending and receiving
  • Use key-based encryption with GPG or GnuPG
  • Safe transport by end-to-end TLS/SSL
  • Safe storage by encryption of database and log files
  • Encryption on all web interfaces
  • Encryption on all mobile (push) traffic
  • STARTTLS for safe e-mail sessions with imaps, pops and smpts
Zimbra responsive

Always in sync, wherever you are, for effective collaboration with your colleagues.

With Hosted Zimbra, you have access to your email and other data always, wherever you are and using any device.

  • Data synchronization between devices with ActiveSync
  • Support for many email clients
  • Adaptive / mobile-enabled web client
  • Share contacts, calendars, tasks and e-mail with colleagues
  • Efficient calendaring with free-busy functionality
  • Share online sharing and modification of files
zimbra platform

Built on open Standards

Zimbra is completely built on widely accepted open source standards (such as OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, Memcached, MariaDB, Apache Lucene, Postfix, CalDAV, WebDAV and CardDav) and can therefore be used with nearly every possible client and platform. It allows you to benefit from great software support for all functionality, not just email.

  • On your desktop client with Windows, Linux or OS X.
  • On your iOS or Android tablet
  • With nearly every possible smartphone
  • Using the flexible web client (advanced, standard or mobile)
redundant cloud

Highly redundant cloud platform and infrastructure

Our Zimbra service is hosted from our high quality data centers and a fully redundant cloud platform.

  • Highest availability and uptime
  • Scalable infrastructure for optimal performance
  • Redundant data storage across multiple Dutch data centers
  • Direct phone support for all your questions

I want more information


Contact our service desk for the accounts you need and other requirements. They’ll send you a quote you’ll just need to confirm. For complex email wishes, we advise you to contact our sales department.
As soon as you’ve confirmed your quote, we set up your environment so you can get to work. If applicable, we’ll contact you for additional actions to take.
All Zimbra subscriptions can be pay using direct debit of direct online payment. Under certain conditions, manual payment is also possible.
Zimbra subscriptions can be cancelled monthly.
Please contact our sales department to discuss the possibilities.
Our Zimbra service does not have a separate SLA. We do ensure, however, that downtime of the service is at an absolute minimum as a result of platform redundancy and strict procedures. We make daily back-ups to prevent data loss. See our terms and conditions for further information.
Cyso services are delivered by Cyso Hosting BV, located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
If you’re not registered as a business and would like to use our services, we may be able to make an exception to our policy. Please contact our sales department.


Our platform uses the Network edition of Zimbra. We’re currently running version 8.6.0 GA.
Zimbra accounts are available from 5 GB up to 20 GB.
Although Zimbra may not be the logical solution for this, the Zimbra briefcase and WebDAV can be used as a secure means of sharing and exchanging files.
Through the web client, you can add or import an external account (using POP3 or IMAP) to import old email data into your Zimbra account.
If you prefer a Zimbra edition other than the Network edition Cyso uses, that’s possible by using a private Zimbra platform (on VMware or OpenStack). Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
At the moment, this is only possible when using a private Zimbra platform.


Cyso’s security team monitors the Zimbra platform 24/7 for possible irregularities and acts when needed. Cyso also has an ISO 27001 certification for information security.
We do. You can find it here: Privacy policy
We create daily backups of all systems in our Hosted Zimbra platform.
We create daily backups of the entire platform, not of individual mailboxes. As a result, we can only restore individual mailboxes in exceptional cases. You can easily create backups yourself using the web interface.
Yes, you can. Our servicedesk can set this up for you. More information can be found on our support website (Dutch).

Web Application

  • Advanced Rich Web-Based Email
    • Email Conversation Views
    • Message Tagging
    • Basic Search
    • Advanced Visual Search Builder
    • Attachment Search
    • Attachment Preview Rendering
    • Zimlet Web Mash-ups / Custom UI
  • Rich Web-Based Address Book
    • Personal Distribution Lists
    • Global Address Lists (GAL)
    • MS Exchange Interoperability
  • Rich Web-Based Calendar
    • Group and Resource Scheduling
    • MS Exchange Interoperability
  • Sharing Folders and Files
  • Rich Web-Based Tasks
  • Personal / Group File Briefcase
  • S/MIME Digital Signatures and Encryption
  • Unified Communications Integration
  • Custom Retention Policies

Desktop Clients

  • POP / IMAP Email
  • CardDAV / iCal / CalDAV Clients
  • Outlook Sync (MAPI)

Mobile Devices

  • Zimbra Rich Web-Based Mobile Web Client
  • Zimbra Mobile for iPhone / Android / Smartphones
  • POP / IMAP Email for iPhone / Android / Smartphones
  • CardDAV Contacts & CalDAV Calendar for iPhone
  • Zimbra Connector for BlackBerry
  • Mobile Device Policy Management


  • Wiki
  • Cyso Email / Phone Support
  • Professional Services

Domain management and customization

  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Delegate and Domain Administration
  • Rebrand Web Client UI
  • Migration Tools


  • Rich Web-Based Web Administration Console
  • Integrated Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
  • LDAP / MS Active Directory Support
  • Real Time Back-Up
  • Zimbra Archiving and Discovery
  • Smartcard and Common Access Card Authentication
  • Litigation Hold

Premium E-Mail

From € 2.75
per mailbox

Ideal for small organizations and businesses.

  • Mailbox size: 500 MB
  • Anti-virus and spam filtering
  • IMAP, POP3
  • Contacts database
  • Per 5 mailboxes, quarterly payment

Business Pro E-Mail

From € 4.50
per mailbox

Ideal for mid-size to large enterprises.

  • Mailbox size from 5 GB to 20 GB
  • Anti-virus and spam filtering
  • CardDAV, iCal en CalDAV for contacts and calendars’s
  • Zimbra Mobile (ActiveSync) for e-mail, contacts, calendars and tasks
  • Collaboration and calendar sharing
  • Briefcase application
  • Per 5 mailboxes, quarterly payment


Zimbra upgrade to 8.6.0 completed


Phase three of the Zimbra platform upgrade has been completed last night. During this maintenance window, the Zimbra software itself has been upgraded to the most recent version (8.6.0 GA). A final, small maintenance windows will follow soon.

Second phase of platform upgrade completed


Last night, we successfully completed the second phase of our upgrade process. This concerned the underlying software of the platform and had no consequences on the Zimbra software itself.

First upgrade phase completed successfully


The first phase of the process of upgrading our Zimbra platform to the latest version (8.6.0) has been completed successfully last night.

Zimbra capacity doubled free of charge


From 17 December 2014, all our customers’ Zimbra accounts have received a free doubling of their capacity. Full message

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