Managed Container Services

Prevent unnecessary loss of time on server and infrastructure maintenance. Use Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration for your development-driven hosting platform. Our experts have experience since 2015 and are happy to help you on your way.

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Managed Container Services
Rapid deployment
Extreme scalability
Platform independent

Design and orchestration

Whhatever frameworks and technology you use; we’ll help you with the design and implementation of your load-balanced, highly available applications and with organizing and standardizing your deployment pipelines.

Rapid deployment

The architecture of your application, its roll-out and the expansion of capacity; with orchestration tools like Kubernetes you realize Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration and you make the rules yourself.

Dynamic and scalable

You have access to resource-efficient technology that allows you to quickly and easily scale within our infrastructure. No more large and complex development lines, but direct development, testing and deployment.

Jan-Sjoerd ter Haar, New business developer at Cyso

Designed for Dev and DevOps

Decide how your application is deployed, communicates and scales yourself. You make up the rules; we’ll manage the infrastructure and ensure your applications keep running.

Jan-Sjoerd ter Haar
New business developer
+31 72 751 3400

Is it for you?

A solution based on Docker and Kubernetes is the ideal infrastructure for organizations using rapid software development, such as:

Technical startup

Containers are the ultimate sandbox for agile development and experimentation. Start small, and be ready to scale instantly and explosively.

Application developer

Say goodbye to complex and expensive DTAP environments and choose for continuous deployment and continuous integration with lightweight containers.

Why Container Services at Cyso?

Choose Cyso’s managed container services to benefit from all this, and more.

Expert assistance and support by Cyso’s technical architects and DevOps engineers ensure a rock solid design and implementation of your platform.

Add and integrate our professional services and building blocks, such as persistent file storage, object storage and database services.

Higher availability of your applications through advanced network services, such as load balancing, DDoS mitigation or a Content Delivery Network.

The most flexible options for your infrastructure: private, public or hybrid cloud. Together we find the best solution for your applications.

All your data and infrastructure safe in the best and most reliable data centers in The Netherlands; monitored 24×7 by our professional staff.

What’s under the hood?

The basis of our container services is formed by reliable and secure (cloud) infrastructure and technical building blocks, supported by Cyso’s experienced experts.


Build your application out of Docker containers you configure yourself. Available in seconds, cheap to use and easy to recycle.

Flexible infrastructure

Choose our high-availability cloud platforms based on VMware or OpenStack, or a container platform in the public cloud.

Container orchestration

Use Kubernetes for automated deployment and scalability of your application and a consistent configuration of your platform.

Your code and configuratie in Gitlab

Your application itself and all the information required for configuration and deployment of it is stored, maintained and deployed securely via GitLab.

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