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Cyso ensures a faster webshop

With e-commerce, speed is everything. A fast webshop leads to more conversions, a higher page rank, more visitors and, therefore, more efficiency and better results. With a high performance website, you’ll be able, despite fierce competition, to enter the battle for the consumer confidently.

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One second faster means



Pages loading faster will result in less people leaving before completing checkout. They’re more likely to walk through your shopping process from start to finish.


11%morepage views

The faster your pages load, the more of them people will be tempted to browse through. They’ll spend more time trying to find exactly the right product they’re looking for.


16%highercustomer satisfaction

If your visitors enjoy a quick, easy to use shop, they will judge their experience and your shop more positively and return more frequently.

Yick Jun Fung, Customer success manager at Cyso

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If you want to know how Cyso can help you increase performance, security and availability of your webshop, contact one of our sales consultants today.

Yick Jun Fung
Customer success manager
+31 72 751 3400 sales@cyso.com

This is how we speed up your webshop

As your hosting and service provider, we provide the essential basis for your online store. The more firm and professional that foundation is, the better you’re able to realise success of your online store. We provide different means to increase the performance of your webshop.

Performance benchmarking and optimization

We offer many applications to measure the performance of your online store, use resources efficiently and analyse and remove bottlenecks.

Advanced caching technology

Using cache is essential for a fast website. Cyso offers intelligent caching solutions for every type of webshop and application.

Highly scalable cloud platforms

We provide flexible and scalable infrastructure and work closely with partners and developers so that it will be used optimally.

SSL offloading

Increase security, manageability and performance of your application all at once by centrally managing your SSL certificates.

Intelligent load balancing

With peak traffic and fast growth, you don’t want your visitors to performance issues. We enable you handle these situations quickly and intelligently.

Content Delivery services

Using our extended content delivery possibilities increases the performance of your webshop and ensures faster transactions.


For welke.nl, Cyso designed and manages a platform on which we can fully rely upon to ensure availability and performance of our community platform.

Katja Claessens | Director Media Mij

Welke.nl is the platform find inspiration, store nice pictures and share them with all other users through you own lookbook. In every area. But welke.nl is more. It’s also the most fun and surprising online store in the Benelux.


As a result of our marketing campaigns, we sometimes deal with extreme peak traffic. Cyso works with us to ensure we always have enough capacity.

Marcus van Elk | Chief Marketing Officer

Leapp is a supplier of refurbished and ex-demo Apple equipment, with service and guarantees like new! Leapp delivers to end users, both individuals and companies. Besides the webshop, Leapp.nl, Leapp also has physical shops, our so-called Leapp Stores. These can be found in Amsterdam, Breda, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Zwolle.


Our choice for Cyso was actually fairly simple. For us, they deliver the perfect combination of services and infrastructure, which allows us to operate our webshop without worry.

Richard Landman | Owner Key Music

Keymusic offers the most complete range of musical instruments and equipment in the Netherlands. Experience the unique combination of music stores and webshop, premium brands and competitive prices, professional advice and personal service. Keymusic shares your love of music and your passion for making music.

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