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Not every client approaches us for daily management of platforms and systems. In many cases, organizations perform this work themselves with their own staff. However, operating and maintaing a data center and network is often a step too far. The cost and organization that comes with it and the care it requires calls for such expertise that it’s simply too expensive and too much work to do yourself. This is where we come in.

We have a very reliable and professional network, spread across different high-quality data centers, extremely well connected to the rest of the internet and managed by qualified professionals.

You can benefit from that. And that’s not all. If you have specific needs or requests, then you’ve found a partner in us who can help and facilitate with that.

We can complement your company at an organizational level as well with our ISO 20000 / ITIL certified procedures and work methods. We decide upon agreements regarding tasks and responsibilities and report monthly about targets and goals reached.

We can support you in many different areas according to your specific situation. We’d love to exchange ideas on issues such as shared management, systems integration and specific network connectivity.

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