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As an organization grows, it becomes increasingly important to formalize processes, procedures and responsibilities. Business processes become increasingly complex and critical and communication lines are not as short and direct anymore as they once were. This applies to your internal business processes, but also to those with other parties, such as your hosting provider. If there is ambiguity, or agreements are not kept, the reliability and continuity of your service is at risk.

With Cyso as your hosting provider, you can reply upon agreements not only being met, but that we also actively think about improving and optimizing them. To ensure the availability and security of your services, we keep ourselves informed about your relevant business processes so that we can anticipate and think about possible problems and adjustments.

At Cyso, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager or account management team. This means you’ll always have a personal contact knowledgeable about your specific situation. Through regular reporting, you’re always kept up to date about the current status of your services.

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