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If you’re active in the online media and advertising industry, the success of your business depends largely on the availability and performance of your content. Your provider should not only be able to guarantee speed and availability during regular use, but especially during campaigns, actions, promotions and other busy periods. Therefore, A flexible infrastructure with high capacity is crucial. You don’t want to worry about that yourself, but be able rely on your provider. With us you can.

With distribution of digital media, it is vitally important that we as your provider offer maximum flexibility. Therefore, contracts are easy to adjust, change procedures are fast and flexible, and deploying additional resources is easy and on demand.

This is why we actively participate in thinking about the design and architecture of your platform and applications. Using CDNs and optimization of application and website, we can improve the distribution of your content and media.

Besides distribution, storage is equally important. Depending on the type of media and application, requirements may vary wildly. On demand scalability (in addition to performance) is of the utmost importance. We provide professional SAN storage and various snapshot capabilities so restores can be performed in case someone makes a mistake.

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