Updates Corona Virus / COVID-19

All updates regarding our measures related to the corona virus.

Update: 19 March 2020

At Cyso, all of us are now also working from home. That does not mean that anything changes for our customers. All systems and processes continue to run and are under control. All departments work as you are used to from us, including operations, delivery and of course our service desk. They keep working day and night to support our customers as usual.

And most of all: we are ready to help! Is your organization unable to get working from home going? Are you unsure if your home working solution is secure enough? Do you need tips to keep your IT processes running smoothly? We are happy to help you through this difficult period. Just get in touch with us!

An example of a customer that we have been able to help is Familienet. Familienet allows families to share messages, photos and videos through a secure personal page. Now that many grandparents are confined to their homes and cannot receive visitors, contact with their families via the internet is more important than ever. Familienet has therefore decided to temporarily offer their services free of charge to healthcare organizations. Cyso helps Familienet by providing the required extra capacity free of charge to make this possible.

Of course, the children of our own colleagues cannot go to school at the moment and have to attend education from home. That is why we have provided all our extra and spare laptops to help with this.

In short: we do our utmost to help and are ready to do the same for you. Just let us know.

Update: 18 March 2020

CYSO had to withdraw participation at Zorg & ICT because the new dates overlap with Money2020 where we will be present.

Update: 16 March 2020

CYSO assists in the research into the Coronavirus by using overcapacity for Folding @ home. Read here on the site of Folding@home more and join in!

Update: 12 March 2020

Because our health is one of the most important things in our lives, we at Cyso are also concerned about the coronavirus. To protect the continuity of our services over a longer period, we will therefore take an extra set of precautionary measures;

  • We split the employees of the Cyso Group into an A and B side. One team works at home for a whole week. The other team in the office. We reverse this situation the following week.
  • All meetings at the Roeter (Cyso office) are postponed.
  • Our presence at events and conferences is avoided.
  • Meetings with customers done remotely as much as possible.
  • In case of illness, employees stay at home and only return to the office after consultation.

The following measures were already part of our working method:

  • Our home working facilities were already in order and are being used permanently. We therefore expect hardly any impact.
  • Virtually all equipment and servers are inherently redundant. We are in close contact with our suppliers about their measures to prevent supplies of spare parts from stalling.
  • All crucial functions within our organization are duplicated; knowledge and documentation is actively updated.
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