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Private Rack

Private Rack

With a private rack, you benefit from the highest quality and security and a lot of bandwidth. You can freely choose between our datacenters in Amsterdam.

Multi Rack

Multi Rack

Choose for multiple consecutive racks in our datacenter; now or later, so you can add additional capacity when your business grows.

Private Rack

Multi Datacenter

To rule out any form of downtime in case of disruptions, you can choose a redundant solution by using racks in both our datacenters.

When Picturae chose Cyso, we did so because of the high-end facilities and personal approach. Now, 7 years and several racks later, we’re still very satisfied with the professional collaboration and permanent availability of our equipment.

Sander Filius | Facility Manager Picturae
Colocatie picturae
Colocatie elmar
Colocatie lexence

Your own equipment in our 5 star datacenters

If you choose colocation at Cyso, you choose professional datacenter services using the best network of the Netherlands. We use two different datacenters in Amsterdam, allowing you to build high available, redundant solutions across multiple datacenters. Through the Cyso network, you’re directly connected to the AMS-IX and NL-ix for optimum connectivity. We have multiple, high capacity internet connections so you’ll have as much bandwidth and traffic as you need. Our datacenters are carrier-neutral, allowing us to freely choose our bandwidth suppliers. For your convenience, your employees gain direct access to the datacenter for maintenance in your racks. For an environmental friendly option, you can choose renewably energy in one of the datacenters.

The best datacenter facilities of the Netherlands

Datacenter colocation is ideal for organizations that wish to use their own hardware in a secure and reliable Dutch datacenter. Our datacenters are built on the world’s largest internet exchange and equipped with the highest level of fire prevention, power and access security. You can count on us for geographically separated datacenters, optimal availability or hybrid cloud solutions for high scalability. More information about our facilities.

Jochem Braaksma,  at Cyso

Do you want a quote?

Would you like a competitively priced offering? Contact one of our account managers for a personal quote.

Jochem Braaksma
Business development manager
+31 72 751 3400

More service? Choose managed colocation

At Cyso, you can also choose managed colocation at Cyso, where we advise and assist you with the design and maintenance of your private cloud platform. Cyso cna take care of placement and wiring of your hardware. We also perform remote hands at your request. So, if your employees are not in the area, we ensure urgent work will be done.

Do you want even more service?

If you’re looking for more support for your servers and platforms and you’d like Cyso to take over management of your private or hybrid cloud platform, please have a look at our Managed Services or Private Cloud solutions.

Managed Services Private Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact one of our account managers for a personal intake and a customized offer. You can also leave your phone number on this page so we can call you back.
You can pay monthly, quarterly or per half-year, either through direct payment or direct debit.
Unfortunately that’s not possible. However, we will ensure your racks are adjacent if you have more than one.
Unfortunately this is not possible. In addition, we only grant your own employees access to your racks.
No,unfortunately this isn’t possible.
No unfortunately not. You are required to purchase a minimum of 1 Terabyte of traffic in advance. If you use more, you can either purchase more in advance or pay on a post-computation basis.
Delivery, including, power and connectivity, is usually within 10 business days.
This is not possible unfortunately. If you choose a managed hosting solution, we do supply the hardware. See Managed Services for more information.
Yes you can, in principle. However, the hardware needs to comply to a few conditions. It can’t interfere with existing power and data facilities, it needs to comply with electro-technical facilities and to Dutch law concerning transmitting equipment. There are also rules from the datacenter itself. Contact us for the specific details. We reserve the right to remove equipment that doesn’t comply with the rules.
This is optional at an additional fee. We highly recommend you choose this option to guarantee availability is case of failures. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.
This is optional at an additional fee. We highly recommend you choose this option to guarantee availability is case of failures. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.
That depends on the datacenter you choose and is up to 64 ampere per rack (2x 32 ampere). If you have any questions, please contact us.
We use specialized equipment from Schleifenbauer, that can measure consumption in detail.
The response time is a maximum of 4 hours, but usually we’re faster.
These uplinks are not available for our colocation services. If you choose our Managed Services it’s possible.
We monitor network and power. We don’t offer monitoring services for your equipment and infrastructure. If you choose Managed Services these services are always included.
If you choose managed colocation, we can reset your equipment, perform cable maintenance and connect your equipment.
Please contact one of our account managers to discuss your wishes, so that they can offer you a personal proposal.
You can. However, the facilities of the datacenters make a UPS obsolete. There are separate A and B feeds, diesel generators and the possible use of an ATS switch, all of which make a UPS obsolete.
Yes, if you choose our Equinix datacenter, which uses renewable energy. Please inform your account manager.
All racks are equipped with a combination lock, for which you yourself choose the combination.
Besides you and your employees, Cyso engineers and employees of the datacenter can access your racks.
Besides you and your employees, Cyso engineers and employees of the datacenter can access your racks. Other customers of Cyso may also have access to the datacenter, but not to your rack(s).
Cyso can authorize your employees, after which time these persons can gain access to the datacenter at any time they wish.
We’ll contact you in case they’re an impact to our services and, if necessary, we’ll blackhole the IP until the attack ends. With colocation, we don’t offer DDoS mitigation services. If you need that, a managed hosting solution may be what you’re looking for.
First, we forward any complaints to you to handle and resolve yourself. If you fail to comply, we may be forced to interfere to ensure the safety and reputation of our network. Please read our spam and abuse policies.

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