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Are you busy developing, but is daily management of your cloud environment being pushed back? No time or other priorities? We get it. With Cloud Operations we take care of the daily management of your cloud environment, so that you can continue to work on your code.


Does management of your cloud environment currently look like this?

  • Have your systems not been patched for months or was a zero-day vulnerability discovered a few months ago that is still not fixed?
  • Has your system gone down for a while because monitoring has not been set up properly?
  • Were your users unable to use the application because there is no monitoring available?
  • Has a storage environment broken down, causing your environment to be offline and now you do not have a backup available?

We don’t have to tell you this is asking for trouble. Therefore, leave the management to the professionals. One less worry for you!

cloud operations by cyso - let us manage your cloud

Cyso Cloud Operations

Continuity as the basics

The “Ops” in DevOps is just as important as development and testing, but it receives the least attention. It’s no different with CloudOps, but the right business plan is the key to your success in the cloud.

Cyso Cloud Operations ensures that you can rely on continuity. That your cloud-based systems run in such a way that it is never necessary to bring an application completely or partially down in order to achieve zero downtime.

Disaster recovery

For the availability of your data, a well-organized disaster recovery is a must. In the event of a disaster, your systems will be back online as soon as possible. We take care of external backups and redundancy. In your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) we determine the maximum amount of data you can lose, or how many recovery points you choose. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) determines the maximum time it should take before you are back up and running.

Capacity management

The certainty of a well-functioning system or platform increases with sufficient capacity and performance. That’s what capacity management is all about. It categorizes your IT resources to meet current and future needs. It’s a proactive process.

Potential cost savings are an added benefit. Capacity management allows you to manage supply and demand, with the aim of using system capacity as efficiently as possible and thus significantly reducing costs.

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Outsourcing management means more time for development

How do you ensure that your platforms are properly and securely maintained and monitored 24×7? That you don’t have to worry about the management yourself, but can devote your full time and attention to development? Outsource the daily management of your cloud environment to Cyso.

Less risks

Outsourcing also has another benefit. Professionals who do nothing more than manage cloud environments on a daily basis know exactly where potential problems can arise. With this knowledge, a careful process and preliminary testing, downtime can be prevented.


To make it available for both startups and enterprises, the price is based on a flexible fee that scales with your platform. This monthly fee is based on subsequent calculation. This way, you can be sure that you are not paying for more than what you actually use.

outsource cloud management
cloud operations benefits

What does cloud operations deliver?

Less downtime and improved business continuity

Good management is like the foundation of your home. By properly laying the foundation, you can enjoy a good house that will remain upright for years to come. The house will not collapse, won’t leak and it will remain standing in a storm. The same goes for the management of your cloud environment. Good management ensures that you can continue developing your cloud undisturbed.

Faster development cycle

Because you can develop faster, you also have a competitive advantage. Where your competitors are still losing time with downtime and management, you are already rolling out the next version. Not only is that good for your organization, but also for your customers who can benefit from the latest features of your service.

Improved security

Hackers work 24×7, developers in your organization don’t. Continuously checking whether everything is up to date and providing the latest patches can take a lot of time. We take care of this for you with cloud operations from Cyso. As a result, we reduce the risk of exploits and backdoors of your cloud platform.

Start with cloud operations

We start with an intake of your cloud platform. We look at the state of your systems and provide advice where necessary. After the transfer of management you are assured of permanent support at a high level. Our IT experts are an extension of your organization. By outsourcing the support of your cloud platform, you stay focused on your company.

Would you like to read more about our working method? View The Cyso Method.

cyso cloud operations - what can you expect

What you can expect from Cloud Operations

  • We provide monthly updates to your servers within predefined maintenance windows. This way your systems remain safe and stable.
  • Have leaks been found in software? We take stock and patch them quickly and responsibly.
  • We monitor your servers and applications from independent environments so that we can intervene immediately in case of problems.
  • We follow up incidents 24×7 with a response time of 15 minutes.
  • We take care of the backup and have a disaster recovery plan to restore the environment as quickly as possible in case of serious calamities.
  • We check the resources (capacity) and indicate quickly whether they need to be adjusted.
  • We report the uptime and performance of your application on a monthly basis.
  • Multi cloud: public, private or hybrid cloud? Does not matter!

Benefit from Cloud Operations

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Fine print? There’s no such thing in our SLA.

This is how we look at a SLA:

  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) at Cyso is clear. We do not make vague guarantees, but tell you where you stand and what you can expect from us.
  • We see an SLA as a logical step in our collaboration. We create realistic expectations and so there is a constant focus on the processes, and we can always hold each other accountable for the facts.
  • An SLA remains a legal document, but that does not mean it has to be a academic document. We do not make the SLA unnecessarily more complicated than it needs to be.

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why at cyso

Why Cloud Operations at Cyso?

With more than 50 people and more than 23 years of experience, we work daily on IT solutions for our customers. Solutions that are safe, stable and innovative. We think IT is super cool and we are convinced that it is essential for successful organizations.

  • 23 years of experience and know-how: countless other organizations have given us their confidence to manage their cloud environments.
  • The convenience of outsourcing with 24×7 availability from Cyso.
  • We have 2 data centers in Amsterdam for maximum accessibility and speed.
  • ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Cloud Operations and Professional Services

Cloud Operations is part of our professional services portfolio and interacts directly with Mission Control because it concerns the same infrastructure. For one-off, project-based activities that fall outside the scope of both services, you can contact us for DevOps on Demand.

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