Building with the future of public cloud


Fuga, powered by Cyso

Fuga is Cyso’s new Dutch public cloud service. Fuga is built on OpenStack: the free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, developed by The OpenStack Foundation, a community of thousands of active and contributing members and industry giants in software, hardware and solution services. We believe OpenStack to be the future of public and private cloud computing.


Hosted in the Netherlands

Fuga is a Dutch company with datacenters in The Netherlands. Your data is protected by Dutch and European privacy laws.


Using Fuga requires no contracts and no commitments. Pay resources by the hour and only for what you actually use.

Open Standards

Fuga is built on OpenStack with no special Fuga-only features; we use purely open standards and open source software. No vendor lock-in

Designed for both Dev and Ops

Build, deploy and scale automatically using OpenStack and third party APIs. Your DevOps team is in control.

Transparent service

Our features and pricing are simple and transparent. No technical tricks, unexpected billing components and other surprises.

High-available infrastructure

Fuga runs on reliable enterprise infrastructure, fully managed by Cyso. You never have to worry about your platform being up.

Meet the Fuga team


Business Development

Nick is responsible for bridging OpenStack provisioning, business development and administration.

Nick, DevOps Engineer

Project Manager

As overall project manager of Fuga, Paul leads the different teams and sets out the roadmap for the platform and services.

Paul, Project Manager

Technical Operations

As operational lead, Yuri is responsible for the overall technical implementation of Cyso’s OpenStack platform.

Yuri, System & Component Architect

Platform orchestration

Arnoud is in charge of automated provisioning and installation of servers, Ceph storage and networking.

Arnoud, DevOps Engineer

An overview of Openstack

The future of cloud computing

Fuga is a high-performance public cloud service, hosted in the Netherlands and powered by Cyso. Fuga is built on the latest OpenStack technology and uses enterprise grade hardware to deliver the best, most reliable and cost-friendly OpenStack platform of the Netherlands. The Fuga platform contains a large number of services and components you can use to build the cloud platform you need.

  • Built on open standards and software. No vendor lock-in!
  • Massively scalable and high available architecture
  • Full support for software defined networking (SDN)
  • Designed for automation and security

An overview of Fuga

  • Build your cloud with compute, storage and networking
  • Automated deployment and orchestration
  • Built on ultra fast SSD storage for high performance
  • Hosted in the best Dutch datacenters
  • Privacy protected by Dutch law
  • Reliable Cyso network and connectivity
  • Fully supported by our online community

OpenStack: endless possibilities

The OpenStack Foundation is an initiative that consists of a large collection of projects and technology, that supports and includes the latest innovative initiatives and ideas.


Object Storage








Block Storage


Image Service










Elastic Map Reduce


Bare-Metal Provisioning

,  at Cyso

Do you want Cyso to manage your Fuga cloud?

Are you interested in using our Fuga OpenStack platform and do you want Cyso to manage it for you? It's the ideal combination of an enterprise Dutch public cloud service and our highly flexible and customizable managed services. Check out our Managed Public Cloud services or contact one of our account managers

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