Analysis and Advice

You know best how your business works, but there are reasons to have an external party take a look at it. As a professional services provider, Cyso can provide you with analysis and advice on all your critical cloud and hosting issues.


Analysis via a cloud assessment

Cyso starts our collaboration with a cloud assessment in which we do a technical intake of your current platform. We assess which adjustments are necessary to achieve the necessary security measures, scalability and cost efficiency.

Based on the results of the analysis, an advice and design are offered for a cost-effective, scalable and secure platform. In consultation with you it will be decided how the advice should be implemented.

In the cloud assessment, we look at four topics that cover different parts.

cloud assessment check
cloud assessment algemeen beheer

1. General management

  • Network drawing

  • List of current servers / services

  • Uptime of services / servers

  • Which form of redundancy has been applied

  • Backup / restore

  • Uptime and performance end services

  • Installed software.

  • 2. Security

  • How is access set up?

  • Encryption of connections and data

  • How the firewall and security groups are set up

  • Who has subscription admin and rights structure?

  • Is it logged centrally, what is logged and is that data also processed?

  • security

    3. Costs

  • Should certain resources be committed for a year?

  • Is there room to scale down or use resources more flexibly?

  • Should data go to a lower storage tier because the data is not affected?

  • 4. General advice on platform health

  • If it is desirable to increase the capacity of the platform, are there bottlenecks and where are they?

  • Are there any specific points you would like us to take a look at?
  • advies platform gezondheid

    Veel voorkomende vraagstukken

    Advice on realising new plans

    You have a new idea or initiative that you want to develop that is good for innovation and progress. You are just not sure whether it is feasible and realistic. You are therefore looking for a second opinion of an independent expert. Cyso can advise you on the technical and operational feasibility for your organisation.

    Help with improvement

    Developing and running an application is difficult enough. But what do you do if you don't know how to approach improvements and new developments? Or what the possibilities are? Cyso can analyse your application and platform and provide you with advice and support to enable further development.

    Threat analysis for my business desired

    A periodic evaluation of the current market position and technical implementation is necessary to remain prepared for the future. It is sometimes difficult to make an objective judgement. So get independent advice from our architects and consultants.

    Help with process optimisation

    The speed of your services and the level of customer satisfaction both depend on the streamlining of your organisation and processes. For objective analysis and advice on this, it may be worthwhile to use external expertise for this. Cyso has a lot of experience with the synergy between business processes and technology.

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