We don’t deliver our services alone, but always operate in collaboration with partners. This can be providers of infrastructure and software with whom we cooperate closely, but also parties with whom we do business to provide even better service towards end users. We only select partners that we can rely upon; they work with us for the exact same reason. Good cooperation is based upon mutual trust.

Partner Program

SaaS Program

Vendors and developers of SaaS services can benefit from our years of experience in management and maintenance of systems and platforms. Together we increase reliability of the service towards your customers and best facilitate your applications and processes.

Integration Program

In order to enable your customers to make optimal use of your services in the workplace, we can be an extension of your organization. We support your system administrators and service desk with our technical expertise and provide integration services for customized solutions for your customers.

Startup Program

Just like you, we too had only just started. We believe in innovation and new technology. Therefore, we would like to contribute to the new generation of internet services by providing infrastructure, advice and support.

Security Program

To ensure maximum security of services and applications, we collaborate with independent companies to perform penetration tests, security audits, risk analysis and improve security measures.

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