Notice and Takedown

Please use the form below to file complaints about material hosted at Cyso by our customers.

Using this form, you can file a complaint about material that one of our clients is offering. We will investigate your complaint as soon as possible but no later than within two working days, if necessary in consultation with our legal advisors. Only fully and truthfully filled out complaint forms can be processed.

Our notice and takedown procedure can be found on our legal page.

    Removal/blocking of the material
    Release of name and address of the poster
    Infringement of copyright, trademark or other right of reporter
    Racist, hateful or discriminatory remark
    Libel, slander, insults or threats towards the reporter
    Violation of privacy or rights to images of the reporter (incl. stalking)
    Child pornography or other illegal pornographic publication
    Computer crime (hacking, viruses, etc.)
    Reporter states that the form has been completed truthfully, that the information is correct and that the reporter will pay all damages if it turns out that incorrect information has been provided.*
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