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Job Openings Development

Back-end Developer

Are you a developer that likes to focus more on API’s and backends? Or maybe you like writing tools and daemons? Do you want to proces huge datasets to generate interesting statistics? We’re looking for a passionate and curious colleague who likes to get into the nitty gritty to build cutting edge applications.

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Internship System Administration

Throughout the year, our operations team always has several internships available for enthusiastic and eager student to assist them in both daily operations and projects.

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How to apply

Application Developer

You write a motivational letter along with your resume and send it to hrm@cyso.com.

Web Developer

We read your letter and your resume. Within 48 hours you’ll get a response whether you’re invited for a first interview.

Job Openings Alkmaar

During the first interview, a member of HR and the head of the department concerned are present. We’ll talk about your resume and try to draw a picture of your skills and motivation. This interview lasts about an hour.

Job Openings Developer

Within 48 hours after the interview, we’ll let you know if we invite you for a second interview. During the second (shorter) interview, two members of our management team are present to also get an impression about your person. Depending on the function, we’ll also let you do a technical test.

Job Openings Cyso

Within 48 hours after the technical test, we’ll let you know if you’re hired and will make you a formal proposal. For non-technical functions, we do a selection assessment. Within 48 hours after the assessment, we’ll let you know if you’re hired and will make you a formal proposal.

Speculative Application

So you didn’t find a job opening that matches your expertise, but you still think you and Cyso are a match made in heaven?
Send us your speculative application and we might invite you for an interview.

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