Professional service demands high-end infrastructure

We’re an independent internet service provider with access to our own networks and equipment. To ensure the highest possible reliability, availability and performance of the network, all the components required are selected with the utmost care. Suppliers of bandwidth and capacity, data centers and equipment must all comply with the highest standards.


Our infrastructure is connected to the internet with multiple links at our data centers AM2 Equinix and Global Switch. These connections are selected to achieve optimum accessibility and speed globally. We use network connectivity from parties such as AMS-IX, NL-ix, Level 3, nLayer and Openpeering. Our network capacity is always more than sufficient to handle peaks in bandwidth and traffic. When network load increases, we always ensure additional capacity is reserved in time.

Data Centers

To ensure optimal continuity and security, we’ve set the standards for the facilities of our data centers very high and therefore select them with the utmost care. We only use data centers that offer the best power supply specifications in the market and use separately sealed data suites with high-density facilities and high cooling capacity. Security and access to the data centers and suites themselves is tightly controlled both by us and the data centers themselves.


Do you want a tour?

Only a select group of Cyso employees has access to the data centers, our equipment and suites. Would you like a visit under the guidance of one of our employees, please contact your account manager or our sales department. Additional terms are available on request.

Cyso Network Layout

Network Infrastructure

The backbone of our network consists of a geographically separate, redundant fiber network that is connected through state-of-the-art routing and switching equipment. At our data centers, we are connected with many exchanges, peering and transit providers. The core switches of our network switches provide the connectivity within our network through multiple redundant paths. This allows hosting of your applications out of multiple physical locations.

Across our entire network, we’re able to offer DDoS mitigation and advanced load balancing and content delivery services. Combined with the high speed and capacity of our network, we can therefore deliver optimal availability of both the network and your platforms and applications even in extreme circumstances.

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