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Specific use of available resources

The core values of our organization are quality, reliability and commitment. We try to reflect these in the way we do business and interact with the world around us. How do we do that? Since we are a technical company, it seems logical to apply that knowledge and those resources. We therefore look to the options and services we have at our disposal and put them to use where they add value. In addition, we are always open to ideas that we ourselves might not have thought of.

Corporate social involvement
Innovative and sustainable applications

Innovative and sustainable applications

We are convinced that technology goes hand in hand with social responsibility and sustainability. Technological initiatives are constantly being developed to be able to work greener and more efficient. Smart solutions ensure that data centers waste less energy and make more efficient use of cooling equipment. Households and firms save power by using smart lamps or sensors, for example. We are always open to bring these ideas themselves in practice or to support initiators where we can. Do you have a good idea? Come and let us know.

Jan-Sjoerd ter Haar, New business developer at Cyso

Do you have a good idea?

Corporate social responsibility can always be improved. If you have a good idea for us to get started with, we’d love to hear from you.

Jan-Sjoerd ter Haar
New business developer
+31 72 751 3400

Extending the lifecycle

The waste caused by discarded hardware is a real problem. We are actively involved in lifecycle management and always seek to find a second life for equipment that is taken out of production. Hardware is often still in good condition and disposal is a waste. We therefore try to either deploy it for non-mission critical purposes or donate it for educational purposes. In addition, we are always open to alternative ideas and initiatives, so please send us your ideas.

More about lifecycle management:

Blog artikle “Het knekelhuis” (in Dutch)

Extending the lifecycle
Supporting social initiatives

Supporting social initiatives

We are happy to support organizations with a social or cultural function that matches our own vision and ideals. We also do our part in the immediate area and are happy to contribute to local initiatives. We use our technical expertise and services there where it adds value. Do you think the vision of your organization matches ours and that we can support you in further spreading your message? Please feel free to contact us so we can see what we can do for you.

  • Bits of Freedom
  • International Children's Games

Education and development

In order to function well in society, it is important to know how it works. The Internet has become an important part of it. For years, we’ve therefore made an active contribution through education, lectures and workshops. We’re also facilitating educational activities and provide ongoing internships. For our own staff, we offer flexible ways for continuous development.

Education and development

Transparency and fair conduct

Cyso is committed to transparency and fair dealing. That is why we are one of the initiators of the Dutch Cloud Community (DCC). The DCC foundation is a collaboration of leading hosting and cloud providers, and leading suppliers. The DCC is committed to professionalism, safety and transparency of the Dutch hosting market. In addition, the DCC has an advisory role to the government and an informative role towards the press. More information about the DHPA:

DCC Website

An open internet

We believe that an open Internet is essential. The use of open source software therefore constitutes an important part of our business. From the very start of our company, we’ve placed importance on the use of open source software and support to the open source community. That’s why we use software such as Linux, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python and OpenStack. In order to actively contribute to the community, we have also released a number of our internal projects under an open source license.

Cysource (Cyso Github)
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