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Cyso was founded in 1997 by Paul Bankert, Sven Visser and Tjebbe de Winter, three college friends. When Cyso was established, they were still students and they started from their dorm room in Amsterdam. Now, almost twenty years later, they are still at the helm of the Cyso Group, an organization that consists of three companies at the moment; Cyso for managed hosting, Fuga as public OpenStack cloud and SQR as shared hosting provider.

Paul Bankert

Paul Bankert was born in 1976 in Alkmaar. He left Alkmaar to study Economics on the University of Amsterdam. After his studies, he moved back to Alkmaar, where he still lives in the city centre, together with his girlfriend. At Cyso, Paul is financial director and responsible for the departments development, finance and marketing. He has received an award from the Anton Dreesman Institute for Infopreneurship for his work. Paul is very interested in technology and innovation and that’s why he always carries around the latest gadgets. Paul plays squash and he is an active world traveller, who has already seen a big part of the world and is always looking for unique cultures and destinations to visit.

Sven Visser

Sven Visser was born in 1975 and he was raised in the Alkmaar area. He studied Social Scientific IT at the University of Amsterdam. After his studies, Sven returned to Alkmaar, where he lives in the city centre, together with his wife and daughter. At Cyso, Sven is commercial director and responsible for the departments HR and sales. In addition, he is responsible for all legal aspects within the organisation and the implementation of large certifications, such as ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. Sven is one of the initiators of the DHPA (Dutch Hosting Provider Association), were he is currently functioning as chairman. Sven is also a board member of the DINL Foundation (Digital Infrastructure Netherlands). In his spare time, he is very sportive and likes to train for and run a half marathon.

Tjebbe de Winter

Tjebbe de Winter was born on the island of Texel in 1975. As a child, he and his family moved to Rotterdam, where he lived for a short time. He mostly grew up in Alkmaar, however, and spent most of his childhood there. Tjebbe has studied artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam and moved back to Alkmaar afterwards. He still lives there in the city centre together with his girlfriend, son and daughter. At Cyso, Tjebbe functions as technical director and is responsible for our biggest team, operations. He is very skilled in combining technical designs with realistic financial and economic restrictions, which enables him to implement progressive and innovative services. His motto is “technical solutions are supposed to make the client’s life easier.’ In his spare time, Tjebbe is also active at the local scouting, where he has been chairman for several years. During holidays, he likes the take the family skiing or sailing on the Dutch waters.

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Cyso was founded in 1997. Our core values are quality, committed and honest. Would you like more information about our organization and what we stand for?

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We’re currently a team of about 40 passionate men and women, working every day to create the best possible hosting solutions for our customers.

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Cyso has an open and informal working environment with every opportunity for personal and professional development for employees.

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