Cyso OpenStack update June

Cyso OpenStack update June

23 June 2015 by in OpenStack

We’ve had a really busy period with lots of OpenStack things going on. During the past month we’ve more than doubled the amount of beta testers on our platform, upgraded the entire platform to the latest OpenStack release, have worked on more features and made a great deal of progress on accounting and administrative functionality.

Putting the platform through its paces

Some of our new testers on the platform have been really pushing the platform and the I/O performance; we’ve had one instance of a user copying data at a speed of over 800 MB per second. Stability of the platform has been really good, and the amount of bugs and issues reported is down to just a few. Things are looking very well indeed. The upgrade to the new Kilo release, however, resulted in a bit more downtime than we’d anticipated, which means there’s work to do on further improving our upgrade procedures.

New functionality

Our technical engineers are currently working on the implementation of the following functionality:

The new OpenStack release will be called Liberty, and is scheduled for October. For that release, we intend to include OpenStack Magnum to provide full container support (with Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes).

Usage data and billing

It may not exactly be the functionality that you are waiting for, but it is crucial for actually going live: being able to pay. We’re almost there when it comes to being able to register and correctly process usage data (from Ceilometer) and billing information (with credit cards). We’ve already generated our first invoices. We’re still working on some details, but we’re confident these will be resolved soon.

We aim to release our public website, including pricing, in July.

Send us your feedback

Last time we asked you for more feedback; that request still very much stands. For example, we’re really interested to know what you’re working on on the OpenStack platform. Which OS images would you really like to see (we recently added FreeBSD)? What do you think about the performance and stability of the platform? Let us know!

Glance Image List
Glance Image List

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