A look back at 2013 and ahead to 2014

A look back at 2013 and ahead to 2014

17 December 2013 in Nieuws

For the managed service provider world and beyond, this past year was very much dominated by the unmasking of large scale espionage and surveillance scandals. Attention to information security had already been increasing within our industry in recent years, but this year the rest of the world couldn’t ignore it any longer either. It just turned out that it weren’t anonymous internet criminals who were behind it. The precise implications are still not entirely clear. No one really knows the status of his or her personal information. Due to these large-scale espionage activities, the importance of a reliable, independent provider has never been more clear.

We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a successful 2014!

Looking back : the year of security

For us, 2013 really began with achieving our ISO 27001 certification in February. Our efforts the year before paid off with a successful audit and streamlined security organization. Throughout the year, both we and our customers have been able to reap the benefits of all additional security related procedures and measures we introduced. Aldert Hazenberg, Managed Operations Manager: “It has also led to a different way of communicating with our customers, which has resulted in a significant improvement in quality.”

Our enterprise security services, such as our DDoS mitigation equipment, now prove their value to our customers every day. “The investments we made in professional security equipment in recent years have really proven themselves this year,” says Stanley Westerveld, Senior System & Component Architect. “Our customers have also become much more security conscious, resulting in many of them using these services this year.” We continue to innovate and will continue to work actively on improving the continuity of your applications and platforms.

Looking ahead: service improvements

We have also made other improvements within our internal organization this year. Our servicedesk has been partially reorganized to offer better and more uniform support to you. Several processes have been further automated and standardized to increase the quality, reliability and verifiability. Experienced new colleagues brought with with new knowledge, expertise and insights to further increase the quality of our services. Our own business applications have moved to a whole new cluster and have been given important updates. On October 4, our brand new website went online. The new website explains who we are, what services we provide and what you can expect from us much better than before. Our service portfolio has been completely reorganized to seamlessly comply with the way we work for and with you.

For increasing and improving our communications, we are working on a new back-end information system with current information about the services we deliver to you. To increase customer engagement and the quality of the information you really need, we’re asking for your opinion in a survey and are currently interviewing several customers.

Our managed services and service level agreements will be updated in 2014. To further increase the availability and performance of your applications, the capacity of our infrastructure and network will get a large upgrade in the beginning of next year. We’re also working hard on a large, new, high-performance cloud platform, based entirely on open standards (OpenStack). With all these new developments on the horizon, we are ready for a safe 2014.

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